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The combination of pollen, mud, dried grass clippings, and mildew can make your property look bad. Unless you put in a great effort to clean the exterior of your property, things will get worse over time. In case you know conventional cleaning methods are not going to work, it is a good idea to get in touch with a professional who can help with power washing.

Power washing can deal with stubborn stains and dirt and produce amazing results. Alternatively, you can buy or rent a pressure washer and use it yourself to clean your property. It is not always the suitable option, especially when you have little knowledge of how to use this high-powered machine. In case, you want to handle it yourself, be sure to proceed carefully.

Select the Right Size

Be sure to select a right sized pressure washer for your work. Most machines work quite well to handle residential cleaning jobs. Generally, you have to choose between electric and gas-powered machines. Gas engines are usually more powerful. Electric power washers can generate a pressure of up to 1900psi, but gas engines can produce a force of more than 4200psi. Depending on the nature of your cleaning jobs, you can select a machine for yourself.

When buying an electric power washer, it is better to put your money on the one that is lightweight, has a variety of nozzles, and comes with a steel spray wand. Gas engines with 4200psi are more suitable for fleet maintenance, graffiti removal, and paint stripping. Opt for the one that has a heavy-gauge welded steel frame, heavy-duty tires, and steel-braided high-pressure hose.

Keep in mind that it is better to let a professional take care of the cleaning job if you do not know how to select a right machine as per your skill levels and the type of work you want to do. Selecting a machine more powerful than you can handle would result in injury. Therefore, a professional can handle things better. However, if you have selected a machine, keep the following things in mind while using it:

  • Be very careful when cleaning any vertical surface. It is better to move from the bottom up. While rinsing, you should move from the top down.
  • Learn more about pressure washer nozzles. They are usually color-coded to help you select the one with right force and pressure. For instance, black is generally a low-pressure nozzle, which you can use for dispensing soap.
  • Avoid using too narrow a nozzle when you start your cleaning job. If it is too powerful, it could cut into the surface you are trying to clean. Therefore, you may want to use the lowest-pressure nozzle first.

As you can see, buying and using a pressure washer is not an easy task. You have to keep so many things in mind. To avoid making any mistake and eliminate the risk of injury, you will be better off letting a professional take care of pressure washing.

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