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Windows are the first attraction of a house. They not only serve the purpose of bringing in fresh air and light in the home but they also increase the aesthetic appeal of a property. There are different types of window solutions available for homeowners but sash windows seem to be the top choice among homeowners. These windows are specifically designed to slide vertically and they offer an elegant and streamlined appearance. These window solutions were popular in the past and are still being used in the present times. These are the best window solutions for homeowners who want to maintain the period look of their homes.

The Best Materials for Manufacturing Sash Windows

Timber is the main material used for making such windows. Since timber is a challenging option, such windows need to be maintained on a regular basis. However, in the present times when homeowners do not have sufficient time to maintain their windows regularly, the modern versions of these windows made of PVC-u would be the best choice. PVC-u is Polyvinyl Chloride, Unplasticised. This is the perfect material that can be used for manufacturing windows because it remains hard even after strong impacts. Apart from this, it has the ability of resisting weathering effectively and requires low maintenance. The top window manufacturers of the recent times suggest windows made of PVC-u mainly because of the several benefits that they provide to the commercial and residential property owners.

Top Features that Make Sash Windows the Best Choice for Homeowners

Sash windows are intended for the period properties but at the same time they make the best design features for modern home designs. They go very well with modern home decoration and offer an inviting and charming appeal that welcomes guests into a home cheerfully. To be convinced about the fact that these are the best windows for your home, here are some features you will love about these windows:

Great Aesthetic Appeal

Such windows are made using high quality timber and thus they go a long way in adding instant sophistication and beauty to the interiors and the exteriors of a home. The finish and the texture of these windows contribute to the stylish appearance of a house. These windows also tend to be highly flexible as they can easily blend with conventional style properties and even the modern design properties.

Optimum Security

The users of these windows have complete peace of mind only because they know that their properties are completely secure within such windows in place. These windows cannot be broken very easily unlike the other varieties available in the market. Thus, homeowners do not need to worry about trespassers and burglars if they have such windows installed in their homes.

Improved Ventilation

One of the greatest advantages that can be fetched from these windows is that such windows promote improved ventilation. These windows make for ambient atmosphere in the house thus keeping the inmates of the house away from feeling dry or stuffy.


Other great advantages of sash windows is they can be set up or installed very easily and at the same time they are highly customisable and durable.

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  1. I think the main reason for this is people want their house to look attractive and as you have mentioned sash windows provide a great aesthetic look. Usage of high quality material makes these sash windows look classy. I am going to change my normal windows to sash windows and after reading your article I think that I have made a wise decision. Thank you.

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