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If you’re wondering just why plantation shutters are now so popular in Australia, there is a logical answer why. They are an ideal and great looking window treatment, which after being fitted, homeowners never regret.

There are many superb reasons as to why people select plantation shutters over other types of window treatments, as in mini blinds or drapes. However, shutters have that unique elegant look to them,which all users have found attractive and appealing.

Also, it has been noticed that a lot of home buyers on the lookout for a new home, seem to find external shutters in Perth, in a positive light when comparing potential homes, makingshutters a great little investment in the long run.

Shutters Simply Make any Home Look Amazing

If just the great looks alone have you ready to take the plunge, you may consider some other great reasons to assist you in making that decision. If you’re living with a partner, not only is it likely that you will have to convince yourself, but you will also have to convince your partner that installing shutters is areally cool move.

Home is Certainly Where the Heart is!

Top quality shutterscome in a great range of sizes and finishes as well as mountingoptions. For the interior design type, you’ll never go wrong by choosing plantation shutters.

  • They fit in ideally with practically all types of décor and provide a distinctive, clean, cohesive look right around anyone’s home.

Rememberthat plantation shutters will be viewedlooking just perfectfrom both the inside of the home as well as the outside.

 If you maybe assume that shutters look too bare, you can simply add some fabric window treatments to soften the look.

More reasons why plantation shutters are a must have:

  • Light – lots of it! They allow much more light in than any other window coverings, due to the slats being so wide. And when you have opened them up, they let in as much light as possible.
  • Darkness, is cool. Youngsterswill sleep a lot easier in the daytimeif the shutters are closed, and the room will be very dark. Also a cool place for mum and dad to have a little snooze too!
  • No ugly lookingcords or strings hanging and getting tangled!
  • No more uneven looking blinds!
  • Energy Efficieny – They can carry out two jobs. When they are closed, they will keep out a lot of heat or cold, and thuslower your power bills.
  • Shutters easily improve your home’sselling value.
  • They won’t bend or warp.
  • Whenthe windows are open, there’s none of that awful clanging noise going on which blinds are famous for.
  • They look classy from the outside and definitely spruce up any home.
  • And don’t forget how very easy they are to maintain!

And remember, and as mentioned above, after having them installed,you’ll wonder just why you never had them fitted earlier on!

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