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Do you know that there are home water filter systems that are capable of filtering your water discreetly without you even knowing they are there? These water filters undertake their task by connecting directly to your water supply and executing their task even before reaching your tap thereby guaranteeing you the purest, cleanest and safest water available.

Bear in mind that, there is usually a system that is designed for your house. This system makes it possible for filtration to go through several stages before the hot and cold water leaves your tap. In this system, the first filter is responsible for the removal of harmful substances that are harmful to your health such as; bacteria and common minerals like lead, mercury or asbestos. Other filters ensure that rust is removed from your system, thereby ensuring that your system stays in top condition. But note that, in situations where you need to remove other chemicals like chlorine you will need additional filters.

The good thing about these filters is that they are very simple and once you have them in place, you can only change them once every 6 months. However, the drawback is that they are expensive to install hence most homeowners don’t go for it.

However don’t let the expensive nature deter you especially when you consider the amazing capability of installing a point-of-use system, which is an alternative option. Having a point-of-use water filter system in your home requires just a viable connection that has to be made between the water inlet pipe and the faucet, the water is then subjected to a number of filters before it gets to your glass for consumption. Note that, you can get these filters in different types that include the simple, cheap the more complex multi-filter systems. Most times it might even require up to 5 filters to get the desired result.

Similar to the whole house models, the filters are designed to remove trace chemicals and elements from your water before drinking. Depending on the area of the country you live, they can also be enhanced to handle additional chemicals as required. For example, you may wish to add a filter to improve the hard water in your area. Some point-of-use systems allow you to daisy chain different filters together to achieve the exact blend of filters for your home.

When choosing a water filter system for your home, it’s important to, first of all, understand what you want because this will help you make an informed decision about the water filter system you should go for. Go for the whole house version if you seek to remove chemicals such as iron to reduce rust in your system. Whereas if you desire filtration for your drinking and cooking water, you will have to adopt the point-of-use system.

In conclusion, having a home water filter system guarantees you clean water and healthy water.

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