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If you have had the pleasure of visiting Italy, Spain and other Mediterranean countries, you will undoubtedly have been impressed with the Venetian architecture, and in particular the amazing effects of their stone walls. Stylish presentations that include Stucco, Travertine, and Marmorino can all be replicated with modern plaster, and with an unlimited number of style and colour options, Venetian plaster has so much to offer the Australian Homeowner.

Modern Applications

The latest generation of plaster products comes hand in hand with revolutionary application techniques, allowing an array of design ideas to come to life, and with your choice of colours, there isn’t a concept that can’t be created. If, for example, you were interested in Venetian plaster in Perth, you would be best advised to talk to Polished Plaster, a sub-division of a well-known painting contractor who has a few decades of hands-on experience in the domestic wall covering industry. This organisation has perfected the art of applying plaster in both interior and exterior environments, and they have joined forces with a leading Australian plaster manufacturer to produce a stunning range of finishes.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is not only very attractive, it is also extremely durable, and with modern application techniques, one can create something simply stunning, and there will never be a replication to exactly match up with your design. Regarding colour choices, any shade or tone can be replicated during the mixing stage, and with several novel application techniques, unusual designs are easily found. Combing and brushing produce a contoured effect that adds dimension to the walls, and there are plaster products that are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. If you need some inspiration, a Google image search will highlight some of the breathtaking works of art that Italian architecture is renowned for, and once you find something that really stands out, the plasterer will know how to create an exact replication.

Exterior Pool Areas

If your pool area has travertine flooring, which is popular due to its ability to reflect the heat, then the walls can be matched perfectly, to give you a balanced look that will surely be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

Professional Advice

If you call in an expert, they would be able to show you a wide range of stunning images of previous projects, and by taking on-board the client’s ideas, they are able to create something truly unique, and this will come with a solid guarantee on materials and labour. Applying modern plaster products is more of an art than a profession, and the artistic talents of the technician allow the customer to experiment with both colour and texture.

The Internet is a wonderful invention and can help us in so many ways, and if you wish to locate a reputable plaster contractor, an online search will bring up a list of potential contractors, and after some browsing, you should be able to select one that can produce something unique to your property.

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