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The requirement for the water purification system is in high demand these days. The reason behind it is that there is a huge scarcity across the world about the clean drinking water. The people living in metropolitan cities are privileged enough to get constant access to drinking water, but that is not the case with people all across the world. The situation is really grave when it comes to the quality of water.

Due to more demand and less supply of water from natural sources, the use of bore well and tube well has increased to a significant amount. The water from the underground level is pulled, but it is always with a high amount of pH which cannot be used for drinking or cooking. Hence it is much important to purify it and make it with low pH so that can be used for all the required purposes.

There are several water purification systems now available. Firstly, when they were launched, they were mainly used for the commercial sector and plants and then, later on, they got available to the general population. Now it is so widely used that it is a household appliance and is utilised in houses, commercial sector, industry, manufacturing plants, etc. Even the cost of the water purifiers got down once it started getting available to the general population.


RO is a type of water purifier only and is the acronym for reverse osmosis. Just like any other purifier system, this too works on the same principles which is, the harmful particles or bacteria or microorganisms are not able to pass through the filter and hence, through the water system, one is able to drink clean water.  RO is now widely utilised for the residential and commercial sector. Almost each and every house in the city will have the RO system, and the reason is it is highly effective as well.


The main purpose of installing an RO purifier is to ensure that the better quality of water is consumed which is devoid of any germs. However, if the ro installation is not done properly, then it would completely negate the whole purpose of having a purifier in place. Hence, it is advised that only professional or certified technicians should be hired for the installation process as they would have the right skill set as well as knowledge to install the RO system properly.

Maintenance: Usually, the sellers only offer a contract for the maintenance of RO. In case one has brought the same from aquaguard which is a renowned brand in the market, he has nothing to worry. In case of any issue with the device, he just needs to dial the aquaguard customer care number, and the technician will be there to help him. From installation to maintenance and repair all the tasks can be handled by the professional technicians who are trained at the brand to serve the customers. The customer care department of the brand is also effective and try to resolve the issue with the device on a priority basis.

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