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When planning to renovate your home, you should not only focus on making it look better but must also ensure that it adds value to the home. This will enable you to sell it at a higher price later on. And if you do not know which home improvement ideas can make your property more valuable, the below tips will help you with it.

Plaster the Walls

The first thing you can do is to plaster the walls. This will allow you to make the walls more visually pleasing since you can decorate it in a myriad of styles. Plus, you can also strengthen the walls by plastering it. The process is pretty easy and you should find it very easy to do. Just remember to get some high-quality plastering tools from the Plasterers One Stop Shop. And in case you are not too confident about doing it yourself, get in touch with a plastering service in your area and communicate with them as to the exact design and look you expect.

Landscape the Lawn

Make sure that you landscape the lawn and make it look as neat and attractive as possible. If your lawn looks unclean and has grass growing haphazardly in all directions, then the property will only be seen as having a lower value. In contrast, if a potential buyer walks into a well maintained, good-looking lawn, then their impression of the home will be positive. And this will definitely play into the valuation and you will be able to quote a higher price for the property.


A good way to make your house look new is to paint the walls. Not only does it improve the look of your home considerably, but you can do so for a very cheap investment. And when selecting the colour for painting the wall, try to pick neutral colours as most people have a natural affinity towards them. Such colors are also easy on the eyes and give off a warm, welcoming vibe to the home.


Never neglect the bathroom when doing renovations to your home. Many surveys have found that a bad bathroom is almost a deal killer when it comes to selling off your property. No matter how good the rest of your house looks, if the buyer finds that your bathroom looks terrible or smelly, then they will never buy the property. So, invest some money in your bathroom and make it look attractive. If the tiles are worn out, replace them. If the toilet is not maintained well, then clean it up.

Indoor Air

Air quality is one of the most hotly debated topics in recent times since many people have started experiencing breathing problems because of pollution. And one of the worst polluted environments is right inside your home. Indoor air is said to be much worse than the outside air since the room is continuously locked in. So, ensure that you make all the adjustments necessary to make indoor air more breathable. And if you see that the potential buyer has any breathing issues, definitely highlight the quality of indoor air and you can easily bump up the value of your home.

Rugs And Carpets

Always check the rugs and carpets at your home and dust them regularly.  If you don’t do this, then your place can look extremely dusty and dirty to a visitor. And if the rugs are worn out, have a jaded colour, or are stained, then get it replaced as soon as possible. The last thing a buyer needs is to step into an ill-maintained old rug. This is sure to dent your home’s value in their mind. In addition, the thought of having to go through the process of replacing all rugs can be quite a disappointment for many potential buyers. And this might make them completely avoid the idea of buying your property.

Go Solar

If your home is located at a place where you constantly receive a good amount of sunshine all through the day, then you should consider installing solar solutions to your home. For example, a solar water heater may require an investment of a few thousand dollars. But they will cut down your hot water bills significantly. And when you end up selling the property, you can easily charge a higher price for your home to account for the solar water heating system in place.

So, try the above suggestions and you will surely be able to make your home look more beautiful while increasing its market value.

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