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Whether it is about handling the damages caused by salty sea air, or cleaning the top surface to enhance the pleasures of your entertainment hours, you need to put in adequate resources for maintaining your BBQ steel grill to perfection. All that you need to do so as to keep your barbecue from giving way is follow some simple and easy to implement instructions. Additionally, by cleaning your grill regularly, and as bid by the manufacturer, you can save yourself plenty of good time and money that could be the result of laborious cleaning if you choose to act otherwise. So, instead of dragging your feet on the care and upkeep processes of your steel bbq grill, do make sure that you restore it to top-notch condition every time you choose to use the same.

Prepare yourself for first time use of your BBQ

Now that you have managed to set up your grilling equipment, you must be excited to fire it up right away. Before you jump the gun and start grilling your steaks and snags, take a quick pause. At the very onset, it is essential to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully and follow all that’s written in it to the hilt. More often than not, you will come across some important requirements for prepping the BBQ for first time usage. Some of these requirements include:

  • Remove the coating that is provided for protection on the hotplates. This coating acts as a protective layer for corrosion during transportation and storage.
  • Use warm soapy water for washing the hotplates; dry thoroughly before you proceed to use the same.
  • Season the hotplates by applying a coat of vegetable oil; thereafter, turn on the burners on medium-heat for approximately 20 minutes.

Care after each use

While you are busy entertaining your happy guests, it is quite likely that you will walk away after switching off the barbeque to enjoy your own meal; without giving yourself a thought to clean the steel grill right after use. If this sounds like you then do remember that your idea of postponing the cleaning process may entail double the time and efforts than what would be required if you cleaned your grill soon after use. Given this scenario, it is a good idea to clean up the grill’s surface while it is still warm. Use a non-scratch scrubber for scraping down the BBQ. Then, put a stainless-steel bowl full of water inside the BBQ, switch on the burner to low, shut the hood and enjoy your meal. The steam thus created will make it convenient for you to clean the hotplates, hood, side panels, etc. with a paper towel soon after the party gets over.

  • Do not wash away the hotplate for making it shine as new. The fat/grease remaining from your earlier cook will help in protecting your hotplate from rusting.
  • Just scrape the food particles as well as the excess oil from your BBQ’s hotplate. You may go about the process with the aid of a paper towel; however, don’t remove the oil completely.
  • In case you desire to have your BBQ sparkly clean, you may need to re-season the hotplates by using oil. The act will go a long way in preventing your equipment from corrosion.
  • As you reside near the ocean, it is likely that your hotplates will gather more rust than otherwise. You may want to invest in high-grade stainless steel or enamel BBQ hotplates to keep this concern at bay.
  • Keep a close watch on the drip tray. If required, remove and restore the fat and foil absorbent material to get better results.

Cleaning the exterior surface of your BBQ


Just as it is important to clean the inner surface of the barbecue grill, you may want to keep a check on the care and upkeep of its exterior parts as well. It is much easier to clean and wipe a unit with an exterior coating of enamel. Stainless steel exteriors are a tad difficult to clean and may be prone to discoloration as a result of prolonged usage. The stains produced on stainless steel exteriors are likely to go away if washed with warm soapy water regularly. It is a good idea to use a bbq cover to keep away the damages caused by harsh weather elements.

Way forward……

In spite of regular DIY maintenance and care processes, your bbq grill may seek repairs or restoration. How would you like to check out the various grill repair services offered by trained professionals at a reliable site like? Once you have figured out the extent of repairs or restoration needed, you may hire the agency to take care of your steel bbq grill for short and long-term purposes in Jupiter Florida.

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