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There are lots of trends when it comes to improving your home, and each year these trends can be new, revived classics or retro looks. There is plenty of inspiration for making the most of your home, and you may be surprised at the differences some updating can make. Let’s look at this year’s biggest home improvement trends.

Sassy kitchens

The advent of black stainless steel has invigorated the appliance industry. Rather than white or silver kitchen appliances, consider black, rose gold or bronze. Cabinets that combine pale benchtops with darker cupboards to create the two-tone look are also a big trend. Large tiles – at least 30” 70” – are also ticking interior designers’ boxes for a streamlined vibe in the kitchen, bathroom, or any tiled area.

Think texture

Designers are currently in love with statement walls that feature texture, courtesy of materials such as quilting and embossed leather. Then there is the mixed floor materials trend, where floorboards and tiles can collide for a unique look. Still, on the subject of floors, the heated entrance hall floor is another top trend and one that is very welcoming. Combining the textures of indoors and outdoors by incorporating materials such as rattan or canvas into living areas to give a fresh perspective is another big trend.

Light and sun

Adding a sunroom or conservatory to your home can add light, space and tens of thousands of pounds of value. If this is something you would like to do, you could opt for double glazing to gain the benefits this brings. If you want to learn more about uPVC windows in Dublin, it would be a good idea to consult an expert in this area such as Keane Windows Dublin. The professionals can give you all the advice and guidance you need when it comes to assessing uPVC windows in Dublin.

Adding to or changing your home can be fun and rewarding. Home improvements can really help to maximise a home’s liveability and realise the potential of underused areas; in addition, some improvements can make more space, or ensure the space already there is more attractive and versatile. Even just changing the colours of wall and soft furnishing can make a significant difference that will really pay off when it comes to enjoying your home.

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