November 26, 2019 Eliza Arcudia 0Comment

Certifications: it is important for a solar panel company to be safety certified. Despite the extra cost that certified solar companies might impose, peace of mind in knowing that your equipment is placed on your roof while being compliant with state and federal regulations is important. In states with plenty of weather disturbances such as storms and hurricanes, it is more than vital for corners not to be cut for the safety of you and your family.

Quality Brand Name Panels: Installing cheap imitation panels is a horrible investment. Throughout the years, panels made of cheap material can be subject to rust and premature wear and tear. What does this do to your solar investment? It provides a less power output making your energy efficiency weaker. When investing in solar it is important to look ahead, into a 20-30 year window. When investing in brand names such as LG and Tesla that have passed quality standards, you are doing just that!

Certified Reviews: With such a major saturation of Certified Solar Panel Installers in Los Angeles and across the globe there have been many techniques for them to come up on top. Some are ethical, some are not. Unfortunately, a non-ethical one is dishonest reviews. Alike other verticals, the solar industry is filled with fake reviews. Companies will either pay for or have individuals that didn’t buy a panel write a dishonest review. Luckily, there are certified, credible solar review websites that have verified buyers. This is normally done via an order or an installation ID which is common among all US companies. is just one of many. Making decisions off verified purchases from such websites is an important step when choosing your installer. 

Multiple Finance Options: Own a house? Rent one? Planning on selling soon? These are all factors that come into play when choosing a finance plan. When choosing the solar provider, one needs to make sure that they have a finance plan that’s appropriate for them. Some plans are credit-based, while others are equity-based. Depending on your current situation in life and your current home-owner status, the best plan may vary. It is important you do not pick a provider who offers a finance plan that is not ideal for you and your family.