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Having a pool at your home is as much a privilege as a responsibility. You have to maintain it well to make sure that it is at its peak efficiency while remaining safe. You also need to make sure that your poolside looks as gorgeous as possible to make the best possible use of the space for entertaining guests and friends alike. However, the budget for maintaining your pool area might sometimes be a big concern, specifically if you are unwilling to shell out a lot. Fortunately, with the consistent improvement in the style factor of decorative concrete, you now have a solution that is ideal for just such a situation. Decorative concrete is durable, affordable and can be used in a wide range of styles to beautify your pool area. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination on how you can use high-quality decorative concrete from elite suppliers such as Terrrastone Perth to beautify your poolside.

Pool Coping with decorative concrete

If you do not have enough time to invest in upgrading your pool’s look, simply opt for pool coping to get a unique look for your pool within a short time. The cap at just the edge of the pool can be created with decorative concrete or stamped concrete to get see colour and texture. You can also put in some shape styling to skirt the coping in various shapes to experiment with the width of the coping. Usually, the pool coping width is around 12 inches around the edge of the pool, but you can use some creative ideas to widen the width and bring in more of a style statement without too much time investment.

Pool deck upgrade with decorative concrete

If you are planning to remodel your entire pool deck, start with the foundation of concrete and layer it with decorative styles that bring out the modern look of your pool in spades. The broom finished texture, in particular, is gaining a lot of style due to the added texture of the design that is easy to maintain while looking super stylish. Further adding textured concrete at your pool deck also helps make the deck safer for kids and pets running on the deck when it’s slippery from the water. Stamped concrete or coloured stained concrete can also be used to bring in some highlights around your pool deck area.

Swimming pool flooring with decorative concrete

Create stunning visual interest in your pool by using textured colour stains for decorative concrete when lining the pool floor. You can also keep your pool cleaner with concrete floor coating which is easier to maintain and much more durable in harsher environmental conditions than regular pool tiles.

Make sure to only rely on high-quality services for decorative conrete supply and install projects. Remember the quality of the materials will go a long way in deterring the durability of your project over the long term. It is also important to depend on experienced professionals to give a flawless finish to the staining and texturing of the concrete once it is poured out, to give the poolside the perfect finish that you are expecting from your renovation project.