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A ratchet is a manual and semi-automatic tool designed to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts very easily. They serve to adjust parts or for the assembly of motors, pipes, furniture, doors, hinges and all that element that is fused with nuts or screws, whether large or small and that depending on their correct adjustment, guarantees the functionality of the main object that the contains Hence, the adjustment of these nuts is really important and the ease in assembling and disassembling each nut will be essential for those professionals or lovers of DIY.

If you have a set of ratchets with a variety of socket wrenches and a large number of heads, you will have much of the work saved if you dedicate to assembling parts, since these tools are key to saving time and making a difference at the time of work.

Therefore, these tools are currently accompanied by a complete arsenal of different types of socket wrenches, such as: screw-driving tips, Torx or Allen tips, and hexagonal or 12-sided cups, together with fixed and flat keys. Using these tools, you can develop an infinite number of jobs.

Types of Ratchet Heads and Accessories

As for the types of heads and accessories of ratchet keys and socket wrenches, we find a wide variety, which are adjusted to every need you may have in the different fields of work that require the use of this tool:

Hexagonal Cups

These are the cups or heads that are placed on the upper part of the ratchet to adjust or loosen hexagonal screws. Really, they are the most used glasses, since the majority of screws that are manufactured in the market and that use the devices, motors or pipes, have this type of hexagonal nuts, hence a good set of rattles and keys. A good set of ratcheting wrench for professionals must have a wide variety of hexagonal heads for the purpose of using them according to the size of the nut.

Allen Heads

These ratchet keys that have Allen heads are also known as the L-shaped keys, this name is due to its letter “L” shape, which is used to screw and unscrew screws with a hexagonal shape or head. They are located in internal areas of some pieces, which cannot be accessed with a common tool.

Torx Heads

It is a type of screw head, which is characterized by a six-pointed star shape. The nuts or screws are usually very strong, but its application for assembly or disassembly is usually a bit complex, hence, it requires a ratchet with special Torx head, this type of screws are often found in the pieces of automobiles, computer systems and parts such as televisions or appliances, even being very popular in construction.

Philips Heads

These heads have two grooves that are cut perpendicularly, thus resembling a point with an encrusted cross, also called cruciform head. This is a very common tip for small parts, so it requires the assembler to have only a simple screwdriver.

Flat Heads

In the case of flat heads, adapters or flat-tipped socket wrenches are required, this type of screws is often used in large or large-volume assembly parts, they are easy to use and to mobilize, it is very common to find them on bicycles or mechanical children’s games.

Other Accessories

In turn, there are other accessories than the heads, which make the work easier, among these accessories are the extension cords, which allow to lengthening the handle of the ratchet or the set of socket keys, so that the user can reach to deeper, narrow or hard-to-reach places. All these accessories will depend on the model and the brand of a set of keys in question.

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