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Are you planning to buy a pool heating system but confused as many options are available such as gas pool heating and so on? Winter is just approaching and you must get ready to enjoy it. Pool heating system is something cannot be ignored. Enjoying swimming in hot water pool under pleasant weather is enough to accumulate tranquillity of mind. Let’s check it out what points you should consider while buying a pool heating system –

Consider Your Climate First

Because all pool heating systems work a bit differently, and your climate portrays a major role in respect of choosing the best one for you. If you live in an area having a lot of direct sunlight, going with a solar heater or heat pump would be right. In case you are living in an area prone to extreme temperature, go with a gas pump.

Indoor or Outdoor Heating System

You need to consider if you want an indoor or outdoor heating system. This point is required to consider as it helps to determine if venting is needed or not. Yes!!! It is true that any pool heater can run indoors with having proper ventilation.

Capacity To Heat Up Pool

This is the next thing to consider that how quickly or efficiently do you want to have your pool get heated up. At the time of sizing a pool heating system, you also need to consider all about your pool size, required temperature rise and location.

Size Of Your Pool Matters

Do not forget to consider the size of your pool as well as the size of your heater and the temperature you want to have. To put in simple words, you would need a large heater if you need a large pool. Also, you need to keep in mind that a larger heater will be costly in comparison of others. To get the right size of pool heating system, you need to know about the surface area of your pool in square feet. Furthermore, you require figuring out the average air temperature in your area.

        • First, you need to come up with the pool water temperature you want to have and what average temperature outside will be in the winter season.
        • Now, subtract the average temperature for the coldest month from the temperature of the pool you wish to get the temperature rise required.
        • Next, you need to know about the pool surface area in square feet by multiplying the length as well as the width of the pool
      • This formula will help you to get the BTU that you want your pool heating system to output.

What Is Your Power Source

You should consider your pool heating system on the basis of power sources that go with your backyard. There is a variety of such as propane heaters, electric heaters, heat pumps, and gas pool heating.

According to the experts, considering all these points while choosing the right pool heating system helps a lot to make the right decision. The fact cannot be ignored that the pool heating system can make you fall in love with winter as it jazzes up the mood to have quality time with yourself or family.

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