November 26, 2020 Eliza Arcudia 0Comment

We all enjoy being out in the garden for one or other reason. A garden gives us peace of mind in times of stress. It is the best place in the house to celebrate an occasion or to hang out with friends and family. Be it breathing the fresh breeze in the morning in the summer or spending some alone time in the evening, a garden is a perfect spot for it.

When planning a garden, you can either be creative or listen to what gardeners and landscapers have to say about the trends in garden designs. While it is not feasible for everyone to approach a professional, we will talk about the top 5 garden features that you should try to transform your garden in 2020.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is quite popular among small house owners and apartment dwellers. It is the easiest way to grow plants in small outside spaces. You can show artistry by hanging vases, wooden crates, or wrought iron flower pots on the porch or balcony. Despite an unconventional alignment, you can propagate flowers, shrubs as well as vegetables in vertical gardens.

Repurposed Gardens

Repurposing is the best option for those who lack garden supplies. Plus, it adds a personal touch to the garden. You can pick from several used items available in the house and repurpose them for planting succulents or herbs. Still wondering how, to try to create a hanging flower planter using frames, wall sinks, stationery holders, etc.

Sustainable Gardens

Growing awareness of climate change has brought a shift to the gardening landscape. You can help heal nature by using recycled materials in gardens, such as plastic bottles or pots. Though you can do it anywhere, it all depends on how far your imagination can go and your inspiration for the cause.

Biophilic Gardens

Wholly meant for indoors, the biophilic garden is a perfect blend of horticulture and interior designing. Its best examples include hanging plants and big houseplants that connect you with nature while staying indoors. So, if you do not have the outdoor space, this way you can bring the garden inside your home.

Roof Gardens

It is not always necessary that the garden occupies the outdoor or indoor space. That is the reason roof gardens could be the right choice for houses with roofs or patios or glass verandas. Being surrounded by plants while having a business discussion or gossiping with friends, or watching the rain, is a beautiful experience.

Always an integral part of a house, the garden enhances its beauty. Since a well-laid garden takes enough space, sometimes having one remains just a wish for many. But by looking at these top 5 garden features in 2020, you can still give it a place in your house with limited space. Whether you have got a small outdoor area or indoor space or glass veranda, there is always one to suit your needs.