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An oven can run long for years just with the right maintenance. Among all your kitchen appliances you use your oven the most. Your kitchen remains functional as long as your oven is in working condition. This is why a bit more maintenance is required in order to assure your oven’s longevity. Here we are sharing some easy-to-follow tips that will bring more life to your oven and will keep it functional for years:-

Proper cleaning-

Cleaning your oven twice in a month is a healthy habit that everyone must follow. While cooking food particles get stored in your oven. Such food particles can affect the efficiency of your oven. Also cooking fresh meals in a dirty uneven oven could cause food toxicity. This is why cleaning your oven on a regular basis is a vital task. There is a super-efficient team for oven cleaning who knows the right way to clean an oven. Also they carry special cleaning tools through which they can even clean the inside portion of an oven.

Don’t experiment with the knobs-

It’s actually a safety indicator that you must follow to keep yourself and your oven both safe. Don’t try to do any experiments with the knobs of your oven. These knobs have a direct connection with the functional system of an oven. So don’t try to put any chemicals on it. Don’t try to remove it by yourself. This will damage your oven and at the same time can lead to major accidents.

Have a constant check on the gas line-

Sometimes even a newly bought Oven doesn’t function well. Do you know the reason behind this? The reason is using the same old damaged gas-line. A damaged leaky gas line could reduce the efficiency of your oven. Also using such damaged old gas-line is highly risky as there is a high chance of gas leakage. So it’s highly recommended that you conduct a constant check on your gas-line and change it frequently.

Switch it off while cleaning-

While doing the regular clean-up, don’t forget to switch the connection off. This is how you can ensure safety for your oven and yourself. Also don’t use water directly on your oven as it can cause harmful reactions.

Thus to conclude an oven can run more than 10 years if maintained properly. Ensure to follow all the above tips to assure a healthy long life to your oven.

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  1. It is important to keep your oven clean not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure that it remains functional for years to come. Here are some tips on how to keep your oven clean: Use a mild detergent and soft cloth or sponge to clean the exterior of your oven regularly. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, as these can damage the finish.Clean the interior of your oven periodically with a solution of baking soda and water. Thank you so much for the informative read!

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