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There are many ways to properly manage drainage systems at home, you should avoid certain things that will damage or clog your pipes, and always seek professional help if you encounter a problem with can’t be resolved using simple cleaning methods. Try to prevent problems before they arise to ensure you keep your system as healthy as possible.

Use a Drain Guard

A drain guard is basically a small rubber, plastic or grate-like item that fits over the hole in the sink or bath and stops large compounds from entering your drainage system. It can collect a substantial amount of debris which would otherwise have caused your pipes to block if it was allowed to enter your drainage system. They are perfect for collecting waste that you don’t want in your system, you can easily collect it from the guard when you’ve finished and deposit it in a bin or waste collector.

You can also purchase a drain guard for your shower or bath, this is an area that regularly gets blocked due to body hair being allowed to flow into the system. Hair tends to group together and is one of the main causes of blocked pipes and drains. Always remember to remove your guard regularly and clean off the debris to ensure it doesn’t get sucked into your drainage system.

Cleaning Solution

There are various cleaning products on the market specifically designed to help maintain healthy drains, you simply pour the liquid down the sink or toilet and allow it to sit for at least 45 minutes before running water through the system. Make sure you wash the cleaning solution down with hot water and allow it to break up any excess debris stuck in the system, you should repeat this process every few months to ensure your drainage system is kept well-maintained and in excellent working order.

Use Boiling Hot Water

One of the easiest and cheapest way to maintain your drainage system is to pour hot water down the pipes once a month, hot water is excellent at dislodging food stuffs and other compounds which get stuck along the inner areas of your drains. It is great for keeping oil in food from sticking and clogging up your system, it ensures your drains won’t be left sluggish and water will be able to easily flow through unobstructed.

Contact a Professional

If you experience a problem and you’ve no idea what has caused it, it is time to call in the experts. If you’re based in East Sussex, London or Kent, why not contact 3 Flow Drainage and inquire about their many services? When you’ve exhausted all other avenues, or you just have no idea what is going on, 3 Flow Drainage will able to resolve the matter in no time.

Some of the information mentioned above is designed to help you maintain your drainage system so you don’t have any major issues. These basic guidelines can be carried out by anyone who is willing to preserve their system. If you encounter a major problem, it is best to consult an expert drainage company.

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