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If you’re looking at buying some leather furniture, you may already be aware that it is indeed a good investment due to its durability and goes really well in every room of the house.

Leather is naturally going to be pricier than other types of traditional upholstery, but will last much longer and even looks better with age!


The best kind of leather is that which is full or top grain, which ultimately means that it is also the most expensive of all leather furniture out there on the market. Because this type of leather has very few flaws, it requires no processing and as a result, the leather is perfectly soft and smooth and available from Think leather lounges.

  • A natural dye, (known as “aniline”), is added to the leather so as to complement its visual appeal.

The cheaper type of leather used for furniture is named “corrected grain leather” and will have undergone extensive treatments so as to increase its aesthetics. This type of leather is also naturally not as soft or supple as the better-quality types.


Leather is prepared by way of a number of different methods. The aniline type is put inside a drum where it is then dyed.

  • The dye soaks deeply into the leather which brings forth a rich and vibrant colour.
  • Semi-aniline leather is also dyed inside of a drum. Afterwards, a special coating is applied to it so as to give it protection from stains and fading.

Pigmented leather is not thoroughly dyed, and is only given surface colouring to protect it from the likes of stains, scratches, and fading.

Will it fit in Well with Your Current Décor?

Before you go ahead and choose a specific piece of leather furniture, it’s crucial for you to consider first whether it will perfectly blend in with your room’s décor.

Leather furniture is available in a range of different colours, so you should check out everything which is available to suit your room’s needs.

  • One more thing to think about is whether or not your furniture is going to be receiving heavy usage.

Matter of Wear and Tear

If leather sofas or chairs are going to be subjected to some wear and tear, you should ask about a heavier type of finish. Also make certainly sure that any leather furniture you are looking at purchasing is 100 per cent pure leather and not a mixture of vinyl and leather.

Vinyl is not as durable as leather, so whatever you are told, this kind of artificial leather will last nowhere as long as any piece of furniture made entirely from leather.

Taking Care of Leather Furniture

Sometimes you should use a cloth and some warm water to clean the furniture and ensure not to soak any stains as it might end up damaging the leather.

Never put any leather furniture in direct solar light, because too much light can fade and ruin the beautiful material.

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