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The sofa’s choice to furnish your living room is very important because it is one of the main and most bulky elements visible when entering a house. Before buying sofas and armchairs, it is necessary to evaluate some factors, in order not to fall into error and buy a product that does not suit your needs. 

It is certainly not easy to find the ideal Italian sofa. You can certainly come to realise your dreams by making a selection among the sofa models based on the space available, your style of furniture, and your needs. 

A large and soft sofa will be more suitable for relaxation, while a formal sofa can be a little more rigid and smaller in size. 

Colour Is Important

A dark sofa will appear larger and more impressive, while a light sofa will make spaces more spacious and airy. Consequently, the shape, the choice of fabrics, and the materials that compose it will be fundamental. 

These choices are highly personal and must be made according to the Italian sofa’s tastes and preferences. A leather sofa is more durable and beautiful to look at, but it cannot be enjoyable in summer when in contact with the skin. The microfiber sofa is easy to maintain, but not everyone loves it. 

Features: Sofa Dimensions And Types 

In deciding between the types of sofas which model is best suited to your needs, you will need to choose between a classic or modern sofa, modular sofa, round or rectangular sofa, sofa, contemporary leather or fabric sofa, sofa with a pouf or with armchair, extendable sofas, sofas with peninsula. Based on this, you can then decide which table to match. 

A sofa that lasts over time must have a solid wood structure and not chipboard, to guarantee solidity over the year’s Italian sofa. The upholstery for sofas can be made with different materials. Usually, polyurethane foam is preferred for its resistance to deformation. Alternatively, foam rubber or silicone flake latex is used. 

Sofa Fabrics 

The comfortable sofas that represent the best choice are those able to satisfy our comfort needs, often resulting from a skilful combination of different materials: goose down with a foam insert or polyurethane foam at different levels. 

A Wide Choice Lies In The Vastness Of Upholstery Fabrics 

From leather to various materials up to synthetic fibres. Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool can be used, water washable in the washing machine or dry in specialized laundries. 

Synthetic fabrics, as with microfiber sofas, are much more resistant but not as breathable. The leather sofa is undoubtedly the material that ages best and remains pleasant over time. 

The new sofas of the collection represent an excellent choice, ideal for every need as they can be made to measure and can be customized in coverings, finishes, and details.