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Due to unmatched and many features of double glazed windows they have gained huge popularity across the globe. But keep in mind that double glazing requires a step to step process.

Those people who want to maintain their windows and want their long life should follow these tips:-

Removal of dust and other harmful particles

– Thorough cleaning of these windows is a must to enjoy their worth for many years. The property owners that buy these pieces with hefty amounts are advised to make use of good and soft detergents or gentle soaps. Use of hard brushes or other stuff should just be avoided. These things may lead to odd scratches that are harmful in spoiling the great looks of these windows.

Avoid using oils or abrasives

– Double glazed windows can be damaged to a great extent with abrasives or oils. Seals and other parts of these pieces may get harmed by using washing up liquids. Oils also are harmful for cleaning the hinges and other major parts of these windows. Use of furniture aerosol wax is recommended. Silicone parts are able to lengthen the windows’ life.

Use cleaners containing cream

– Those desiring to enhance the life of double glazed windows should purchase soft squirt of cream cleaners. Use of such items helps in preserving the original color. Warm water may be applied for enjoying more effective results.


It is recommended that the hinges and locks of these windows are lubricated after frequent periods. WD40 is all the more useful for this purpose. Use of soft oils is also helpful in greasing the metal parts that may be damaged with rust.


– Those buying these windows from double glazed windows Chesham or other concerns should make use of good polish to maintain them in good manners. Quality polishes and paints are helpful in preserving these pieces for years to come.

Open and close in gentle manners

– Few unwise people and children often open and close the windows in improper manners. This is a bad practice that leads to great damage to the windows and other such items. Children should just be kept away from these pieces as far as their opening or closing is concerned.

Make use of duplicate keys

– Certain odd situations may compel you to undo the security locking system of these windows. A duplicate set of keys may be helpful at such times. It would be useful to avoid breaking open the locks.

Protection from excessive heat and heavy rains–

These two things may harm the windows in great manners. First of all try not to allow rainwater to touch these pieces. However, if it is not possible then dry up the windows immediately after rain so that the water does not damage them in any way. Likewise these pieces should be protected from excessive heat too that is also harmful.

Double glazed windows can be preserved for prolonged years by adhering to the above simple tips.

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