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Regarding the condition of the building, the astute homeowner does not sit back and wait for something to be apparent, as often, the damage is already done by that time. The main enemies of the British homeowner are dampness and rot, along with pest damage, and in the damp UK climate, these building attackers can thrive, which is why it is prudent to arrange regular building inspections.

Damp Proofing

Rising damp has been a problem since the Middle Ages, and we have developed damp proofing accordingly, with one method being to insert a thick layer of bitumen based material in between the brickwork, usually a few courses above ground level. If the damp proofing layer if correctly fitted, it will stop any moisture from penetrating, and that will keep the external walls dry. Often, an old property will need the dam proofing replace, plus there are other methods to prevent rising damp, and after a qualified technician has inspected the property, they can advise the owner as to their options.


Another deadly adversary for the British property owner is woodworm, which can seriously attack the internal timber supports of a structure, and the only way to be sure your home is woodworm-free is to call in the experts. If, for example, you were looking for damp proofing in London area, there are property care specialists online, and a Google search would soon put you in touch with the right people.

Roofing Issues

The roof is a critical component of the building, as it provides vital protection against the elements, and if the exterior skin (roof tiles) is compromised, water can get into the internal timber joist and rafters, and this would not be apparent at first, and if the breach is not addressed, the timber will begin to rot, and then you are faced with a serious repair job that could mean a new roof. There are timber preservation treatments that will ensure the timber supports are not prone to dampness, and by calling in the experts, you can be sure of the best advice and service.

Wet & Dry Rot

Another villain in the eyes of the homeowner, that wet or dry rot can quickly consume all types of wood, and typically, it is not visible at the outset, but with a building inspection, you will quickly identify any wet or dry rot issues and can remedy the situation.

Building Inspection

This would include a check for all of the above, plus looking at the structural integrity of the building, and any issues would be included in the report, along with preventative measures that ought to be taken. The prevention is wise, as it prevents costly repair bills by ensuring adequate protection against a range of issues.

If you would like to know more about modern property care services, there are online companies that can ensure your homeis protected, and should you ever need repairs, they are the people to call.

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