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Joist hangers are designed to hold things such as timber and are not something needed for everyday use. They are mostly used professionally to anchor things such as decking, floors and ceilings. These hangers wrap around a wooden beam and nails and screws are also used to keep the beam into place. Also, there is a connecting plate that is fastened firmly to the frame surrounded it. Joist hangers can be welded in need and with proper installation, they prove to be very strong for a long period.

You can find them online easily, before purchasing you must know the basic things about joist hangers.

Shape And Size

Joist hangers are of different shapes and sizes. Different sizes and shapes fit different beams or framing type. There are some units that have a heavy-duty design that supports larger loads. Many joist hangers are found in U-shaped which are primarily used to fit around three sides of a joist. Other joist hangers are T-shaped that provides more secure connection and strength.

Some have connecting arms designed to accommodate double beams with the help of single hangers. If you plan to buy joist hangers for outdoor applications, make sure to look for the galvanised one that resists rust and corrosion.

Mini joist hangers

These types of hangers are great for short span joist and for trap hatches. You can buy them online from reputed sites. They are economical and are perfect for light loads.

Standard Hangers

Jiffy joists come in standard sizes and are good for light to medium loads. You can find them in either 0.9 pre-galvanised steel or some come in 1.2 as well. You can easily adjust them by the leg length and can accommodate various standard timber sections.

Long Leg Jiffy

These are specifically used for deeper timber work. The long leg hangers are a suitable choice because they support loft conversions, floor joists and purlin connections. These are easy to use, quick and are available in various range of size.

Extended Leg Jiffy

You can find extended leg jiffy hangers in 600mm which are very quick and functional for heavy timber applications. It can be used in loft conversions, floor joists and are widely used by builders. They support timber joists and with proper galvanised hangers you can avoid defects and corrosion.

Joist hangers are the friends of carpenters as they offer support, flexibility and ease of work. There are many ways to work without joist hangers, but it will be very time-consuming. For framing, flooring or other woodwork, joist hangers are the most effective tools to be used. But before you prefer a brand and choose your joist hangers, make sure you learn about certain things.

Joist hangers come in many finishes also, each for different types of applications. From stainless steel to powder-coated, you can choose anything and buy them online. Read the websites carefully and the type of joist hanger you plan to buy. Be it your DIY project or professional carpentry, joist hangers are necessary to make the work run smoothly.

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