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It’s no secret that insulating your home is a good way to maintain consistent temperatures and reduce your energy costs. However, there are many types of insulation on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which to buy if you need to add insulation to the attic or to a new addition to your house. Here are four benefits of using thermal foil insulation in your home.

What is Thermal Foil Insulation?

Thermal foil is a type of multi-layer foil insulation that can be inserted in attics, underneath floors, around pipes, and between the walls of your home. It reflects infrared radiation, which comes from the sun and is responsible for about 50% of heating on Earth. Installing this insulation can help keep heat from escaping your house during the winter and prevent it from overheating in the summer.

Fast Installation

Even though it has several layers, reflective insulation is very thin, so it is flexible and easy to install wherever it is needed. It can be cut to fit in small spaces and flexible enough to wrap around pipes to prevent them from freezing in the winter. The task of insulating your home can be done quickly since this insulation is easy to install.

No Special Clothing Requirement

Traditional fibreglass insulation can be difficult to work with because it requires the use of gloves to prevent cuts to your hands. Since it can be itchy, installers generally wear long-sleeved shirts, heavy-duty jeans, and boots to work with it as well. However, since there are no fibres in foil insulation, it is easy to handle and doesn’t require you to wear gloves or work clothes when installing it.

Suitable for Different Surfaces

Thermal foil insulation can be placed on several different surfaces to help make homes more energy efficient. It can be used in place of traditional insulation by installing it on timber frame walls and it can also be applied to block or cement walls. However, it should only be put on clean, dry walls and not on uncured concrete or uncoated metals.

Significantly Reduces Costs

By installing foil insulation, you may be able to reduce your energy bills by up to 50% more than you would using traditional wall insulation or insulated plasterboard. During the winter, you can reduce the use of your heating unit by installing thermal foil insulation. It will also allow you to use less air conditioning to keep your home comfortable during the summer.

When shopping for foil insulation, avoid buying foil bubble wrap insulation; it doesn’t work as well as regular multi-layer foil. Regular foil insulation has a layer of foam between the foil layers to insulate your house and provide these benefits.

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