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Home security has always been at the back of the minds of those who rent or own their own home. The thought of an unwanted intruder entering your home need not keep you up at night if you follow a number of steps to make sure that your property is as unattractive to potential thieves as possible.

Some courses of action can be free whilst some will have a cost but when combined together, they should reduce the likelihood of your home being broken into.

  • Increase Your Perimeter Security

Any unwanted intruder is first going to have to get past your property’s perimeter. The chances of this happening can be reduced by;

  • Installing electronically operated access gates that cannot just be pushed open. Access gates can be set so that they only open when they detect a radar signal or with the use of a key fob.
  • Aluminium access gates are hard-wearing and provide some of the best protection against attack.
  • In addition to a vehicle gate, install a separate pedestrian access gate or side gate with its own security system.
  • Install an aluminium fence system for increased security.

All of these perimeter security options are readily available in Western Australia. For aluminium access gates and side gates in Perth, get in touch with a local supplier. They will be able to provide a personal consultation on what is right for you and your property.

  • Lock External Doors at All Times

This may sound obvious but you would be surprised at how many people leave their doors unlocked when they are at home. Unfortunately, depending on what they’re after, thieves will rarely hesitate to attempt an entry even when they know that someone is home.

Make sure that all external doors are locked and can only be opened from the inside.

  • Consider External Window Shutters

External window shutters can provide a great deterrent to potential thieves by limiting their ability to see inside your property. A good window shutter system can also make it much more difficult to gain entry through a window.

As with fencing and access gates, window shutters are a great first line of defence for your property.

  • Make Sure Your House Looks Occupied

Whilst not guaranteed to prevent entry, making your home look as if there is someone there regularly and at different times of the day is a great way to confuse and deter potential intruders.

A friend, family member or house sitter can all fill this useful role.

  • Install an Alarm

If you don’t already have one, alarm systems are a great way to deter burglars. They have the ability to alert your neighbours to an intruder as well as automatically notify your local police force if required. An alarm system is a great way to get an intruder out of your property if they’ve somehow managed to get in.

These five steps are a sure-fire way to reduce the chance of burglary. The more difficult you make it to enter your property, the less likely your secondary lines of defence will be called into action. Because of this, your first stop should always be secure aluminium fencing and access gates.

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