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Landscape designers are the key to your dream. Professional landscape designs will make all the difference whether you’re creating something new or overhauling your balcony, garden or terrace. With a detailed approach and thorough expertise, a landscape designer will  make your dream garden and achieve results you would not otherwise be able to achieve. A landscape designer will help you visualize your ideal layout by transforming it into a concept plan.

Paving Your Pathways To Success 

From beginning to end, any reputable landscape designer you work with should have a proven process with clear steps and here’s how it works:

  1. Onsite consultation – your opportunity to share your ideas, goals, and needs in detail for a landscape designer to see.
  2. Client brief and fee proposal – the team prepares a summary of the meeting, a clear outline of your brief and a quote for your concept plan and working drawings.
  3. Concept plan and lose budget – create a broad layout of your garden including soft scaping and hardscaping that forms the basis of a loose budget. You can propose any changes to your concept plan depending on your budget if required.
  4. Working drawings – the team creates precise drawings for every aspect of your garden, once you are happy with your concept plan down to the very last detail. From pools and pergolas to the planting and paving.
  5. Final quote – provide a precise, fixed quote for your garden. The team will arrange quotes with registered builders for the hardscaping elements in your working drawings.

Last-minute lessons in landscape design

  • Determine a timeframe or stagger your plan – if budget is an issue then you may be able to implement your plan in phases but choose a landscape designer who will take your deadlines seriously and keep things moving.
  • Be practical and realistic – you may need to make some compromises although the job of a landscape designer is to give you what you want. Aspire to have a beautiful garden but be sure you can actually use it.
  • Don’t take shortcuts – cheap landscaping can be more costly in the long run. There’s no substitute for the expertise of a reputable landscape designer.
  • Take precautions with permits – Your landscape designer should be able to advise which ones you need and how to get them because some elements in your landscape design may need council permits.
  • Call the professionals for hardscaping – Your hardscaping must be done by a registered builder. Ask your landscape designer to recommend some reputable builders they’ve worked with before.
  • Remember the benefits of a beautiful garden – It’s an investment into a happier, healthier life.

The Garden Installation

The specialist installation team can undertake extensive soil planting, irrigation, amelioration and lighting to best horticultural practices. The team will install a garden whilst working on a plan that has prepared and at other times a more basic schematic brief, sketch design, and planting schedules are prepared. The team enters a space when a registered builder has completed the hard landscaping and we engaged to focus on the soft landscaping component of the new outdoor space.

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