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Pond dredging is the process of removing pond muck, sludge and other sediments that have accumulated over time in the pond using a machine. A Pond can be dredged in different ways, but all have the same aim which is to:

  • Improve pond appearance
  • Increase pond health
  • Increase pond depth

However, you should know that pond dredging is very expensive and requires the right professionals to carry out the process efficiently.

Why Dredge My Pond?

You may have to dredge your pond when the pond depth becomes very shallow,and the pond can no longer be self-sustaining. Your pond may lose this ability due to years of chemical treatments, algae infestation, and even mismanagement. These processes lead to the accumulation of pond muck. You may be surprised at how an 8 feet pond will suddenly be less than 3 feet deep. You will have algae clogging your pond filter and ruining the other equipments in the pond – that’s the purpose of pond filters, and they really do help.

When this happens, your pond becomes a pool of algae, and there is no how any fish or wildlife can survive in it. You don’t want to get to this part,do you? So, the big question is, how do you prevent your pond from such degradation?

In this informative piece, you would be learning three ways to avoid pond dredging efficiently.

Pond Management

Your pond, just like any other feature on your property needs to be taken care of adequately. Ignore it and pay the price.

Your pond needs attention. You need to see it as an essential asset to your property. Because that is what it is—an asset. A healthy, functional pond can increase the entire value of your property by up to 30%. Meanwhile, a bad, dirty pond is a liability will decrease the value of your property by 15-30%. You see why you need your pond to always be in good shape?

You need always to take the necessary steps to make sure your pond stays in good shape. This will save you the headache of worrying about how to dredge your pond.

Pond Aeration

The practice of pond aeration is another way you can protect your pond from the causes of dredging. In other to maintain a healthy ecosystem, you need always to practice pond aeration.

Aerating your pond allows for the breakdown of algae and other debris that leads to the accumulation of mucks. This will help keep a healthy ecosystem in the pond. Like you already know, no muck means no dredging.

Pond Bacteria and Sludge Fighter

You can make use of pond bacteria and Sludge fighter pellets to fight the development of algae in your pond while on a short-term basis while you carry out other necessary practices.

This method uses a natural process to eliminate the nutrients that promote the growth of algae in your pond. You can use this method to kill off algae instead of using chemicals that will harm your pond.

You don’t have to wait till your pond is filled with muck before you take care of it. Taking care of your pond using the following tips will save you the stress, time and money involved in trying to dredge your pond. Prevention they say is better than cure!

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