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If you’re looking at removing an old asbestos-type roof, you really should seriously think about employing a licensed and qualified professional, to get the job done for you. Many people still believe that asbestos is no longer found in Australian homes, but if your dwelling have been built prior to 1990, you should check it out and consider the health consequences. Many news articles, from decades ago sounded the alarm about this carcinogenic material, which went on to affect so many people and if not presently dealt with by experienced experts, still will.

Use of Asbestos

Asbestos was utilised for quite a while from the 1950s until the 1980s, and was a key building material, due to its rot and flame-resistant properties, sturdiness, affordability and ease of use. It was adaptable and utilised for making roofs, fences, walls and floor tiles to piping and ceilings for many homes.

However, it took until the early 1970s to find out what the perils of asbestos were all about and then over a decade later until was at last banned. Asbestos, by itself, poses no hazard, but should the fibres become airborne, via removal, renovations, fire, a natural disaster or some other occurrence, the fibres will then turn brittle, flake off and can then be inhaled. People nearby are at risk of inhaling these toxic fibres as are those in the immediate environment.

Tackling the Job Professionally

General contractors might offer some advice, like not to worry too much about testing for asbestos and may add the expense and trouble involved in hiring professionals in home roofing in Perth, who put up plastic barriers and other safety measures to remove it properly, may seem like a hassle and make people unconcerned about any health risks.

But consider this fact: by inhaling only a tiny amount of toxic asbestos, you can kindle health concerns that might not present themselves until many years later. If you are seriously uneasy about any long-term health effects to yourself, your loved ones, people employed on the job and surrounding neighbours, it truly is well worth the cost to make sure that the job is carried out perfectly safely and correctly, not to mention you will then have a clean conscience.

Dealing with Hazardous Asbestos and Afterwards a Lovely Nice New Roof!

It is in your very best interests and must be that asbestos inspection, testing and removal will require experienced and seasoned professionals with the right type of training. And what makes it all even better is if the company carrying out the job happens also to be in the business of new roofing! Via this way, you can get two jobs completed at the very same time!

Call the experts and make sure to have a professional, reliable and trustworthy company in Perth, does the job, just right. That way there will be no regrets and the job will be done just perfectly!

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