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Whilst it may seem like a good idea to have a home that comprises individually-styled rooms, all different and unique, this can make your home feel disjointed. Without becoming totally open-plan, here are five ways that will help your interior space to flow.


Mirrors can open up the feel of a room, bringing in more light and even creating the illusion of more space. With so many sizes and frames available, it is not difficult to find the perfect mirror for any space. For those who follow the art of feng shui, mirrors can be strategically placed to help enhance the energy in a room.

Uncluttered doors and entrances

It is impossible to have flow within a space if there is no ease of movement. A simple way to keep things moving is to ensure that doors and entrances are kept clear of clutter and unnecessary furnishings. Lighter wood and glass panels help to open up a space and will bring more light into the room.

Uniformity of colour

Uniformity of colour does not mean that each room has to be exactly alike; for example, you could use grey laminate flooring throughout your downstairs to give a feeling of uniformity but have different shades on the walls to keep individuality. Alternatively, you could choose an accent colour that will be used in each room in a different way. Flooring companies such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/grey.html offer a wide variety of colours and shades, so have a browse and choose a colour that will work well in every room.



With so many varieties of colour, fabric and design from which to choose, the use of rugs in a home can make or break the feeling of flow. Choose those that draw the eye without distracting from the rest of the room, and think about highlighting particular colours with each rug rather than making a grand statement.


To create flow without losing the individuality of a room, have a point in each area designed to bring a focus to it. The aforementioned mirrors can be a focal point in some instances; alternatively, look for pieces of artwork that can be enjoyed individually but have some sort of connection, such as pieces by the same artist or in similar styles.

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