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In these days of rising prices, the homeowner is always looking for ways to save money, and regular roof inspections are a great way of minimising roof repair costs. Storm damage is the main culprit, and if dislodged shingles are not immediately replaced, rainwater can seep in, and once this happens, you can expect some interior damage with rafters and joists. If a homeowner wishes to avoid heavy roofing repair bills, the best way is to arrange for a local roofing contractor to pop round every 2 or 3 months and give your roof a thorough visual inspection.

Sourcing a Roofing Contractor

Ideally, you want someone who is established in your local community, and if you live in NSW and need affordable roofing materials, Paterson Supplies are the people to visit, as they sell all roofing materials and components, including a wide range of shingles, so an exact match is possible. Once you have made contact with a reputable roofing contractor, they will ensure the roof is always in good shape, and any minor repairs can be carried out before they turn into more costly issues.

Cleaning Out Guttering

This is perhaps the most important maintenance task for the roof, removing leaves and small branches that can easily cause a blockage, and if there is a heavy downpour while the guttering is blocked, this will send streams of water down the exterior walls. If there are many trees in your garden, the guttering should be cleaned out weekly, and if there are branches overhanging the roof, special attention should be given.

Roof Sealants

The most cost effective treatment for any roof is to have it sealed, and modern sealants will protect the roof for many years. The company that specialises in this treatment would offer a minimum of 10-year warranty on any roof they treat, and the two stage process beings with the roof repairs and cleaning, then two layers of special sealant are applied, giving the roof an additional layer of protection. Once a roof has been treated in this way, aside from storm damage, there isn’t anything that will compromise the seal. In the long term, sealing your roof is a wise investment, especially if your home is in a coastal area, and for what it costs, will certainly pay dividends.

Preventative Practices

Regular roof inspections prevent serious repairs, and applying sealant is a cost effective way to maintain any roof, and when you consider the extreme weather your roof must endure, it makes sense to carry out preventative practices, and it is the key to many years of trouble free protection.

If your roof does suffer damage of any kind, it is wise to call in a reputable roofing contractor, and ask him to quote for the job, and if it seems a little high, call in a second company to compare quotes. Whatever you decide, the repairs need to be carried out as soon as possible, and with a Google search you should be able to locate an expert who services your area.

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