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Would you prefer waiting for accurate weather to renovate your lawn or be smart enough to keep the lawn stunning regardless of the climate? Landscapes, pet areas, play areas, Golf Greens, roofs, decks, patios whatever you need, invest in the right kind to save your time, labour and money with artificial grass. Highly affordable and desirable at the same time, these fresh-looking, green and soft fake grasses will blow your mind. Make your neighbours and friends jealous with an amazing yard with a freshly cut look even in winter.

What is it actually

Artificial grass is the imitation of natural grass usually used in areas where growing grass is impossible. It is usually made of nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene. Cushioning is made with rubber or polyester foam. The backing is laid on a drainage layer. Infill like sand or crumb rubber is used to keep it in place. At first, it was used in stadiums but nowadays it has become popular among homeowners who prefer flawless lawn.

Easy installation, amazing outcome

The installation process is quite simple. Anyone can install it referring to the guide provided but a trained employee is preferred as this allows high-level and quality installation. Not many tools are needed. Some basic tools required are a sod cutter, plate compactor, sealing tape, carpet staplers, carpet knife, wheel Barrow and a push broom.

  1. Start with measuring the area where you want to install fake grass thus determining how much quantity will be needed.
  2. Select from the available ranges of turfs available in the market. Wide varieties are available in different shades, quality and price.
  3. The next step is removing the existing grass including debris and roots. If necessary spray a weed killer to kill all the vegetation in the particular area.
  4. Dig the soil deep to make space for a new base and make the surface flat and even.
  5. Planning the drainage is crucial. Be sure to leave small gaps in between.
  6. Apply a layer of base material like crushed stone or granite to create a solid base.
  7. According to the area measurement, roll out the turf and make cuts if required.
  8. Secure each corner with nails
  9. With a carpet kicker stretch the turf to expel any wrinkles and to fix tightly.
  10. Add the infill material like silica sand, black crumb or rubber and in between keep brushing with a push broom or power broom.
  11. Lastly, water to help infill settle.

It does cost more than traditional sod but even real grass needs proper timely expenses. Switching to artificial grass is best if you hate yard work. It is long-lasting and always looks professionally manicured saving you from a dirty, unkempt lawn.


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  1. To keep your lawn always ready, there are some simple steps you can follow. First, make sure to mow your lawn regularly. This will help keep the grass short and prevent it from getting too long and leggy. Second, make sure to fertilize your lawn regularly. This will help ensure that the grass is getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and green and make sure to water your lawn regularly.

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