May 16, 2018 Christine Alexander 1Comment

Water line repair can be very costly and in many cases it can be stopped. But has anyone ever taken the time to figure out if such damage can be avoided? Here are a few ways to work toward avoiding leaky pipes. (more…)

May 8, 2018 Christine Alexander

A garbage disposal system is an important part of both residential and commercial buildings because it is a systematic way of getting rid of waste. Unfortunately, it is often disregarded since it is out of sight. This can cause a lot of problems in the long run, including clogs and damages to the disposal system itself. Understanding Garbage Disposal Simply put, a garbage disposal is meant to grind food and other organic waste using its “teeth,” or the rotating mashers made of steel. The disposal is run until the waste is ground up thoroughly, which usually takes about 30 seconds….

May 8, 2018 Christine Alexander

Commercial plumbing systems are often neglected until the costly problems arise. While it may not seem like a major part of a commercial building, it goes without saying that it is essential to any business structure. Compared to its counterpart in residential areas, commercial plumbing is deemed more critical because it is put under lots of pressure every single day and, therefore, is more prone to issues. Commercial Plumbing System: Most Common Problems and Their Fixes Maintenance is the key to keeping any part of a commercial building in good shape. Thus, understanding the most common plumbing system issues in…

March 23, 2018 Christine Alexander

Plumbing is arguably one of the most difficult things to get right when you’re running a commercial property. Whilst you’d like to spend your time focussing on important meetings or business plans, you instead find yourself bogged down (pun intended) in complaints about that blocked loo. Unfortunately, there doesn’t tend to be an easy fix for ongoing plumbing problems, and that old wives’ tale about coca cola and baking soda unblocking drains just isn’t going to cut it as a long-term solution. If you’re dreaming of a smooth running, hassle free plumbing system, here are some tips to get you…