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A garbage disposal system is an important part of both residential and commercial buildings because it is a systematic way of getting rid of waste. Unfortunately, it is often disregarded since it is out of sight. This can cause a lot of problems in the long run, including clogs and damages to the disposal system itself.

Understanding Garbage Disposal

Simply put, a garbage disposal is meant to grind food and other organic waste using its “teeth,” or the rotating mashers made of steel. The disposal is run until the waste is ground up thoroughly, which usually takes about 30 seconds.

Various types of garbage disposals include the in-sink, batch feed, and dishwasher garbage units.  While there are different types, all of them work toward the same goal. The only difference is the amount of waste they can handle and the part of the house or commercial space where they are to be installed.

Learning about the garbage disposal, how it works, and the best way to maintain it is necessary for every business or homeowner. Having it would not only result in savings but would also prevent unnecessary trouble from a broken equipment.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Experts have recommendations on the proper use of garbage disposal systems to keep them in prime condition.

  1. Longer Grinding

Running your garbage disposal longer than usual in every batch of waste you throw in actually helps keep it in its optimal working state. This is because longer grinding means smaller portions of waste are going to be disposed of. This will help you avoid clogs and can help water push the waste out easier.

  1. Put Smaller Waste Portions

While your garbage disposal has sharp teeth, it still needs a bit of help when dealing with bigger portions of meat or fruit that can clog, jam, or break it. To avoid needing to call a repairman or replace your disposal altogether, be sure to cut food waste into smaller pieces so that your garbage disposal can “chew” it easier.

  1. Run Cold Water with Dish Soap

Running water helps clean garbage disposals but it would do a lot better if it’s cold and paired with dish soap. This is because grease build-up often causes clogs and the accumulation of gunk and grime. We all know that this is not good for any type of equipment in the kitchen. Squeeze in a small portion of soap dish down while your garbage disposal is running. Afterwards, switch the tap on to wash it off with cold water.

  1. Avoid Corrosive Chemicals

Cleaning your garbage disposal is a must but be sure to do it right. Cleaners that have corrosive chemicals in them like bleach and other drain de-clogging products often damage plumbing. Experts recommend sticking to dishwashing soap and cold water.

  1. Don’t Throw In Hard and Other Hard Flush Waste

While garbage disposal systems are meant to grind organic waste, it can only handle softer ones. Thus, it’s best to avoid hard food waste like bones, shells, nuts, and others.

Also, those that contain starch, like potato peels, rice, and pasta, should also be thrown into the trash bin and not the disposal system. This is because the starch clings to the drain pipe and is often difficult to remove without needing harsh cleaners.

  1. Seek Expert Help

All that’s said, it is still best to seek professional help in maintaining your garbage disposal. These specialists are trained not only to repair but to keep the appliance functioning properly for a long time. You can seek plumbing companies that offer reliable garbage disposal services near you.

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