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Water line repair can be very costly and in many cases it can be stopped. But has anyone ever taken the time to figure out if such damage can be avoided? Here are a few ways to work toward avoiding leaky pipes.

Soften the Water

Many times leaky pipes occur because the pipe is being worn away by the amount of water flowing through. The issue is never really the amount of water itself but the type of water. Often times due to the diluting of water your plumbing water can turn into what is called hard water. Hard water occurs simply when there are too many minerals flowing through the plumbing which will cause the water to become hard. Magnesium and calcium are common in hard water and are the direct result of basic everyday activities such as doing the laundry and taking a bath. Simple everyday activity like these things will sometimes lead to the water becoming hard. Hard water can lead to anything from plumbing corrosion to stopping your plumbing fixture from working because it is full of hard water. Using salt free softener and pouring vinegar down the pipes can counteract the hard water effects.

Watch for Aging Pipes  

The age of a home may determine whether the pipes need to be replaced or not. If the home is 70 years old, more than likely the plumbing might be that age as well. This isn’t a guaranteed factor but it can determine if the water line will need to be replaced or not.

Reduce Water Pressure

Most homes may come with a water pressure regulator that can be changed in order to reduce the water pressure shooting out of your water pipes. Simply turn the water off and loosen the bolt that regulates the water pressure. Turn the screw that adjusts the water pressure to the right to increase the water pressure and then to the left to reduce water pressure. Generally for most homes, more water flows through a system than the amount that is generally needed. Reducing the amount of water flow can help to reduce the chances of plumbing issues occurring.

Look for the Tell-Tale Signs

The best way to avoid water line repair is to look for the signs of damage forming, and either replace them or fix the issue before it becomes bigger. Look for damage in any place where water might be frequently used. The bathroom is a good example; all you have to do is check the pipes under the sink for leakage. If the pipes feel wetter than usual and happen to have a line of water running under the pipes then there might be a leakage. The washing machine usually will have bubbles coming out of the pipes in the event that there is any kind of leakage. It is also good to check the pipes for any kind of extra damage which may lead to a water line repair issue.

The Pipe Doctor Plumbing

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  1. Leaking pipes can cause a lot of water damage. It is important to be aware of the signs of a leak and to take action as soon as possible. If you think you have a water leak, call a professional immediately. I really liked the information you provided in your blog.

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