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There are many different ways to repair and/or replace pipes in the ground. There are pipes for natural gas, water, and other substances. If you have a home or business in need of pipe repair, you’ll need to speak with an expert in winching and pipe repair to handle your issues. The issue at hand is whether you need to repair or replace your pipes. The only way to know that is to hire a winching service to inspect your pipes.

Inspecting Pipes

Inspecting pipes is sometimes very simple and other times can take more work. A plumber and others who do pipe work tend to investigate the symptoms of your problems. For example, if you have blockages in multiple water fixtures, you likely have a partial blockage in your sewer main. Alternately, if you have blockages in every single one of your sewer drains, you have a complete blockage in your sewer main. You will need to address those two problems differently. First, a plumbing-based solution will likely be attempted, which means snaking or rooting the drain to see if that will solve the problems. However, if it is determined that your pipes need to be fully repaired, they will likely be slip lined. If they need to be replaced, they will need to burst. The professionals at a place like Atlas Winch Hire can determine which solution is right for you.


Sliplining a pipe is a process that is simple in concept, but fairly difficult in execution. In a pipe that needs to be slip lined, there is likely a partial blockage or a partial break in the pipe. For example, the pipe might have cracked during one winter and is now leaking. Instead of replacing the pipe, you can have professionals slip line it. They will install a smaller stretch of pipe inside of the original pipe. Then they will seal that stretch of pipe with some kind of sealant. It’s essentially a patch for your pipe that goes inside the pipe instead of outside. It’s a very secure way to repair a pipe.

If the pipe cannot be repaired, it will need to be replaced. Replacing the pipe involves pipe bursting.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a technique for replacing pipes without digging a trench. Instead of digging a trench, two small holes are dug. One of them is used to insert the old stretch of pipe. The second hole is dug so you can remove the old pipe. From that point, it becomes fairly complex. In its simplest sense, though, the winch is attached to the old pipe. The old pipe is attached to the new pipe. The professionals then winch the old pipe out and drag the new pipe into place.

It’s a faster and less destructive way to replace old pipes. Trenching will require your entire yard to be dug up and such a process will typically take much longer. That’s especially prohibitive for pipes that are under stone or pavement.

These are just a few ways to repair old pipes.


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