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The Blesbok is a type of antelope that originates from southern Africa. They have a colourful brown skin and white belly. This combination of colours on the Blesbok’s skin blends well hence is visually appealing. They provide nice small rugs for small rooms that cannot fit wide hides. The Blesbok is a medium-sized antelope. They prefer to graze in open grasslands or small bushes. A culling season commissioned by the relevant authorities provides a great opportunity to get their skins. The culling season is always commissioned in order to control their always swelling numbers thus creating a balance in their ecosystem. The skins are obtained as a by-product of the Blesbok meat. The hunting of the animals is closely monitored to ensure it is carried out it an appropriate manner, and with regard to the well being of the animals.

Blesbok Rug Applications

There is a myriad of ways to use the colourful and attractive Blesbok skin. It can be used as a rug or put on a couch. The Blesbok skin is furry and therefore has a great feel for a number of uses. Using it as a rug is particularly common and the furry aspect of the Blesbok rug comes in handy. As a rug, it can be used in a dedicated reading or playing area. It can also be hung on a wall and have a fantastic visual appeal. Regardless of how it is used, it can bring some colour and nice texture to an otherwise dull space. The fur on it looks goods and contains natural oils that make it easy to clean. However, each skin will appear different and might at times have imperfections as they are a natural product. The difference is a plus since each skin is unique and hence the rug obtained from it. The imperfections could be a result of ageing, bug bites and other occurrences related to living in the wild. The common size of a Blesbok rug is approximately 110cm in width and 160cm in length. The availability of the skin is subject to seasons as at times the numbers of the Blesbok dwindles and hunting them becomes restricted.

Where to Find Blesbok Rugs

The Blesbok rugs are sold by various companies online. One such company is Hide rugs. Hide rugs have a wide variety of hides from different animals. The Blesbok rugs are one of their antique and rare products. At a cost of 87.50, Hiderugs offer the small size Blesbok rug with exotic characteristics. The rug adds great colour to walls, floors or furniture. It comes in a variety of chocolate or brown tones, most of which are a perfect addition to house floors and walls depending on preferences. The hide is tough and will not wear out easily and it is also easy to clean and maintain. The hides can never be big enough for large spaces but are a great addition to natural and exotic colour and texture on a small space. The colour shades blend with most environments and can add a great aura even to a workplace.

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