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Limescale is a chalk-like accumulation that piles up in certain parts of your home including your kitchen and bathroom taps and on the shower screens. Typically, this powdery substance is created when water is heated or left standing for a long time. Two types of minerals namely magnesium and calcium are released after the evaporation of hard water, creating what we refer to as limescale.  Limescale can be a cleaning issue when you live in a locality where the water is hard. You need the help of one of the good cleaning services when there is an issue of limescale at your home. 

Areas where limescale can develop at home 

While some limescale formations can be noticed easily, there are others that are tougher to track. Here are some of those sites where limescale accumulation can be easily noticed:-

  • Taps
  • Kettles
  • Coffee makers
  • Tiles of toilets and kitchens
  • Showerheads

On the other hand, such formation may not be seen easily if the buildup happens in places such as:-

  • Water pipes
  • In big home appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine
  • Radiators
  • Pipes of heating system

How can limescale create a problem in your home?

Think of this- if your family has four members and you live in a locality where hard water is supplied, there can be a whopping accumulation of up to 70 kilograms every year. That is quite a massive volume added to your pipes and heating system piling up a lot of problems if they are not cleaned in time. 

Here are some of the top problems you may face when limescale is piled up at your home:

  1. You have to pay a hefty energy bill

The logic for this is pretty straightforward. When your heating system gets piled up with the buildup of limescale, it has to struggle more to work efficiently. It also means that you may have to shell out more money towards your energy bill every month. 

  1. Your appliances may get damaged 

Limescale buildup can create an obstruction in the smoothness of water flow, which is needed in a heat exchanger. It also means that your boiler has to put in more effort so that your house is adequately heated. As such, the lifespan of your heating system becomes shorter. There is also a possibility that it may stop functioning by the time winter arrives. 

  1. You must indulge in additional cleaning 

It is not an easy task to remove limescale accumulation when it is left unattended for several months. Also, it is not uncommon to shell a larger amount of money on purchasing expensive cleaning products for the removal of limescale that makes your kitchen or toilet look dirty. 

So, what are you waiting for? Do not wait for the problem to aggravate further. Contact one of the cleaning services London and let them correct the issue at the earliest.  

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