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To maintain the infrastructure of a country, there is a lot of machinery and pipes are installed under the ground so that there won’t be any mess sustained in the city. Also, the beauty and the cleanliness of the city can be maintained. But sometimes, the pipes installed underground require some renovation then for maintenance purposes one needs to dig down to the ground surface. But this is not a convenient way for repairing, therefore to avoid such conditions we can take the help of moling services.

What Are Moling Services?

In the construction domain, moling is a trenchless method to lay pipes under the ground. In this process, a machine named mole which is a pneumatically driven machine is used to drill through the ground and cover short distances. Moling prevents the need of digging a trench and it can be used to lay water pipes, cables and heating coils for heat pump systems. These are the listed benefits of using Moling services.

Moling Process

  • The standard way of moling is first, to dig a hole of about 1 m square and 800 mm deep for water supply pipe regulation and freezing conditions. This hole is so small that it can be dug by hand only instead of using machines in any narrow location.
  • Now, enter the mole into this hole on the horizontal face at the bottom of the hole.
  • Another hole of the same measurements needs to be dug where a mole will emerge.
  • The size of the mole is about 60 cm long and 6 cm in diameter and it is a cylinder that will work as a pneumatic cylinder with pulsed compressed air which will lead the head of the mole hammer against the soil in front of the mole on repeat.
  • Once the mole has passed through the earth, the pipe will be pulled out from the long horizontal hole.

Use Of Moling Service

  • An Environment-Friendly Method: Moling services are used to be the environment-friendly method, it does not create any pollution or any sort of harmful release which may give negative results.
  • Minimum Excavation: moling requires the least trenching which means minimal disruption to the environment as well as to the people.
  • Quick installation: moling doesn’t take much time, it can be installed in just a few hours.
  •  Minimum disturbance: moling requires minimal road disclosures and disruptions to the public, they can move freely on the remaining surface. This is the best and most convenient way from the public’s point of view as well as from the worker’s point of view.
  • Maintenance of infrastructure: with the help of moling we can renovate or do whatever we want under the ground without disrupting any infrastructure and without affecting the beauty or decoration of that area.

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