March 11, 2020 Eliza Arcudia 0Comment

When you are viewing a potential property it is important that you don’t get caught up in all the excitement of what could be your dream home and take the proper time to consider everything. 

Whether it’s a first viewing or you are going back for a second look there are some key things you should make a conscious effort to look at, ask about and identify before taking the leap into buying.

  • Damp

Damp should be at the top of every property checklist. Damp can be extremely problematic and is something that you will want to spot early on to save wasting your time or to allow for thorough investigation before you consider your options. 

Look out for giveaway signs such as;

  • Mouldy / damp smell
  • Flaking paint or plaster
  • Watermarked ceilings or walls
  • Areas around skirting boards
  • Structure

Small hairline cracks are to be expected in most properties but large cracks should be easy to spot so take care to look in areas such as bay windows, end of terrace walls and joining extensions as these places can be the first to bow away from the house. If you notice anything that is concerning, then should you go ahead you can investigate further with your surveyor.

  • Storage 

Storage space is something that people don’t always typically look for or have on their ‘want list’ until they move in and realise just how badly they need it. You might be easily swayed upon first glance by a modern property with minimal furniture which can make the rooms feel bigger but be sure to consider where you will store things once you are moved in.

Is there space for cupboards shelves or wardrobes to be added? Or alternatively is there extra space such as under-stairs storage, a utility room, an attic or a garage that you can utilise?

  • Room Sizes

Sellers nowadays are savvy and have often decluttered and scaled-down furniture and removed a lot of things to ensure that every room in the house appears as spacious as possible. But don’t be fooled by the minimalistic nature – if a bedroom appears to have plenty of space but only contains a bed and side tables then you will need to take into account how much room you would be left with if you added a wardrobe. 

  • Area

You can change almost anything about a property but one thing you won’t be able to change is the location and the neighbourhood. Try to drive or walk past the property at different times of the day to see if anything stands out, how busy it is or if there are parking issues.

What type of condition are the neighbours’ homes and gardens in? Is it on a busy road and of so is that something you are happy to deal with? Do you have children or are you planning to as catchment areas are also vital to save potential problems down the line? 

Finally, here are some quick tips to help make your viewing as effective as possible;

  • Take someone with you for a second opinion and another set of eyes
  • Be friendly, vendors are more likely to open up to viewers who are nice and chatty
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if it’s ok to look inside cupboards and wardrobes to assess space
  • Make a list of anything you feel you might need to ask or take note of
  • Use all of your senses and don’t be fooled just by what you see
  • Take your time to look around properly including the exterior
  • Ask about what is included, are they taking appliances with them etc.?
  • Ask, ask, ask – don’t be afraid to ask about the plumbing, boiler, why they are selling, how long has it been on the market as these questions can give some great insight into the property.

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