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Furniture is an integral part of our home decor. They not only play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of our home but also are useful for our day to day works. So, it is natural to consider a lot of things when you need to furnish your sweet home.

The first thing that comes to our mind while planning to buy furniture is what material would be the best choice. If you ask this question to us at a gunpoint then also we will directly answer – Wood! Because wood indeed is the best raw material for any type of furniture!

Now, you’ll ask… why?

Read on to know our reasons behind declaring wood as the best furniture material.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly building or furniture material – Today, when we have grown so concerned about the ecology, it is logical to think from this angle. Wood is the only material used in buildings or furniture that is formed by the natural process. Some might argue that cutting trees for woods harms the ecology. But, my dear friends when you think in that manner, you are actually talking about mindless clear-cutting of forests. Selective harvesting of the forest is actually good for the environment as wood is infinitely renewable and replenishable.

Wood is durable – Wood laminate and other engineered woods, unlike the plastic laminate, can have multiple product-lives through refinishing. All solid wood furniture has a multi-decade life and this can be increased by refinishing and other services. No other furniture material can stand so long on the test of time. This is the reason wood always stands at the top of non-wood products in the Life Cycle Assessment. Timber is the perfect partner for your home. Visiting sites like Home and Timber can help you understand what your optional are and provide needed information about the products you are looking for.

Wood furniture can sustain on low maintenance – Whether you choose softwood or hardwood, there is a natural strength and stability in the furniture. As it is naturally a long-lasting and robust material, it requires a very low maintenance. Give your wooden furniture an occasional oiling, waxing and polishing and your furniture will remain in perfect health for a very long period.

Wood can be carved in alluring designs – Unlike the plastic furniture, wooden furniture is not created in a pre-defined mold. So, wood furniture can be given innumerable shape and structure depending on the skills of the craftsman. The wide range of the color spectrum that can be brought to wooden furniture can add further beauty to the well carved wooden furniture. Once you buy wooden furniture you can change the overall feel of your interior decor just by painting the furniture in different colors. This cannot be done in case of the plastic or other non-wood furniture.

Easy to clean – The day to day maintenance of your home furniture is also very easy. You do not need the weekly vacuuming or any such big cleaning regimen for your wooden furniture. Just a regular wiping of non-petroleum based wood cleaner is sufficient for keeping your wood furniture always new.

Wood is naturally beautiful – When we simply say wood it might sound a little boring. But, when you visit the market and see the innumerable varieties of wood in respect to color, texture, and patterns you’ll go speechless. With such huge varieties of trees, we have a huge range of different types of wood each with their unique texture and pattern. This is the reason the polishing of wood is generally done to highlight natural lines and patterns rather than covering them up with translucent paint.

Wood furniture is highly customizable – You do not only have the choice in the type of wood material for your furniture but also in the style. When you go for any non-wood furniture you only have the option of choosing from the available designs. But, you can get your wooden furniture customized exactly as per your imaginations.

Wood furniture has a better return on investment – With all the above benefit discussion it is natural to feel overwhelmed by wood furniture price. But, the wood furniture is not so costly when compared to the value they come up with. And, the wood furniture also has their return value whenever you want to replace your old wood furniture. In contrast, any non-wood furniture does not have any replacement value.

With all these benefits, do you see any reason not to select wood as your furniture material? We seriously cannot find any reason why anybody will not want to have their furniture made of the best material i.e. wood.

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