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Keeping your home clean has a variety of benefits, you should especially concentrate on the exterior appearance of your home if you plan on selling your property. First impressions are vitally important and homeowners should take some extra time to ensure the outside of their premises looks clean and properly maintained. The exterior portion of your home is constantly exposed to hostile weather conditions which can take its toll on your property, and most noticeably your roof.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Roof Clean?

One of the most obvious answers to this question is appearance, your home is a massive financial investment and should be properly maintained to ensure it keeps its value. If your roof is left unattended for long periods of time without any cleaning or upkeep it will eventually cause you a lot of problems.

To preserve its visual appeal your roof must be cleaned regularly, especially if you plan on selling your property in the near future, potential buyers will be immediately be put off by a roof that looks neglected, derelict, and ready to fall in on top of them.

Poorly maintained roofs can impact various other areas in your home, for example, if water gets into your property via a crack in your roof, it can cause insurmountable damage, affecting areas such as the foundations, external structures and paint.

Can I Clean the Roof Without Injuring Myself in the Process?

The dark build-up of organic substances which are visible on the roofs of many homes that are not properly maintained is known as black algae, moss and lichens. These biological compounds affect the appearance and functionality of your home and should be cleaned and removed immediately.

Cleaning substances such as moss off your roof will save you a substantial amount of money, and decrease the risk of water pooling and leakages. One of the safest ways to attend to your roof is to hire a professional cleaning company, for instance, if you require roof cleaning in Perth, there are various businesses who can provide a professional service without causing any damage to your home.

How Does Algae Affect My Roof?

In addition to affecting the aesthetics of your home, algae can shorten the lifecycle of the material used to construct your roof. Algae can cause shingles to lose their granules which greatly affects the integrity of your structure, the best way of combating this is to hire a roof cleaning service to protect your roof. They know what type of chemicals to use and how not to damage your roof during the process, roof cleaning is a delicate procedure that should be carried out by a professional company with knowledge of the industry.

Studies suggest that a large accumulation of algae can also increase your utility bills, it causes heat to become trapped under the roof, requiring homeowners to over use cooling devices such as air conditioning units and fans.

Roof maintenance and cleaning are not only vital for the structure of your home, it also helps to maintain its visual appeal, keeping your investment in the best shape possible.

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