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Writing out a checklist before you make the big move makes perfect sense, and even if you have a photographic memory, you can still forget that little important something. Moving your office can definitely be an arduous task, so to make it all go as smoothly as can be, it’s in the very best interests of everybody who is concerned to start out with a checklist for making those important notes. You can also use a tablet or some other electronic device, but ensure that it’s in good working condition!

Plenty of Labels

Write down a list of jobs that must be done, like contacting a professional company for removals such as Arrowpak, to confirm all costs and forwarding of everything. And afterwards, make note of the contents of all boxes and label them with a clearly readable letter or number. By making this small, easy step, you will ensure that the move will go just as planned.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

After you’re sure of making the big move, don’t forget to have plenty of boxes around for the job. It’s a great idea indeed to have a few more than you think you might require, and then later on if unused, simply hand them back, use them again later or give to people who might soon be in need of them. Plenty of tape and cutters are also very handy, as people have been known to run out!

Hard Ware and Documents

Put all vital documentation and hard drives into a safe, waterproof container, and place them in a safe place. And, other very important items such as security cards, leases, insurance, bank records, and phone numbers should all be put there also. Remember that if you move these valuable articles in another vehicle, there may be a chance for them to get lost, and that would mean a nightmare, so be extra wise and keep them close.


Put all of your keys, the old and the new, on a key ring of their own and don’t let them get lost. Place them in large, sturdy envelopes, boxes or pockets, as it is way too easy to lose or misplace them. And only take them out when it’s time to pass them on to somebody or place them in a secure place in the new office.

Who Doesn’t Like Cleanliness?

A number of good people forget about the cleaning side of moving an office. Have available a good cleaning kit as you’re going to have to use it anyway, to give your old office the old once over before leaving, and then there’s the one you’ll be moving to. Just have the usual cleaning items handy, such as liquids, sponges, rags, and some rubber gloves and all will go just fine.

The above isn’t too difficult to carry out, but will ensure that your move doesn’t turn out with an unhappy ending! Good luck!

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