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The Beginning

The oldest child of Meek Mill is named Murad Williams. He’s been famous since birth, and his popularity on social media is growing. His great style and infectious smile make him stand out.

It’s interesting that Murad is so young but is already following his dad’s music business. He’s now working in the music business and is driven to do well.

He lives a fancy life and is thought to be worth about $1 million. murad williams is a very talented young man who has a bright future ahead of him.

What does Murad Williams do?

Murad Williams is a rising star in the music world. Known since birth, he was born to Meek Mill. Murad is famous for more than just his dad. He is a great artist who has begun to make a living at it.

Even though he is young, Murad wants to be successful like his father. More and more people are watching him on social media, and they love his stylish look and fun smile. Murad lives a fancy life because he is thought to be worth $1 million. He’s an amazing young star with a bright future ahead of him. Keep an eye on Murad Williams; he’ll do well.

Things you should know about Murad Williams

  • Call me Murad Williams
  • March 15, 2007 — Born
  • 15 years old
  • Person Type Male
  • Nationality: United States
  • Parents: Fahimah Raheem is his mother and Meek Mill is his father.
  • Older peopleParker RobertWilliams, Kathy
  • Nasheema Williams, Aunt
  • Family membersBrother: Rihmeek Williams Full Brother: Czar
  • Status of Marriage: Single

How old is Murad Williams?

Williams is 15 years old. He was born on March 15, 2007. He is loved by Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem, who are their parents.

His parents spend a lot of time on social media. The first child for Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem is a boy named Murad Williams. Even though they never got married, his parents had many happy years together. They split up and moved out later that same year. Murad and Rihmeek Williams were with only one dad.

Murad’s aunt Nasheema Williams is a well-known actor on social media. Kathy Williams, Murad’s grandmother, worked hard so that her grandchildren Meek Mill and Nasheema Williams could do well.

When Meek Mill was five years old, his grandpa, Robert Parker, was killed while he was stealing. This took place around the same time. Murad tries to spend time with both of his parents, even though they’d rather do things on their own. This shows how much Murad’s parents love him.

What high school does he go to?

Murad, who is 15, goes to a high school in Philadelphia. That’s where he will finish school and live with his mother and brother. He is a cute young man who is crazy about sports. Murad is good at rugby and plays it for his high school. He shares a lot of rugby pictures on social media, and his mum always cheers him on.

What number of siblings does Murad Williams have?

There are two younger brothers of Murad Williams. Rihmeek Williams, who goes by the name “Papi,” is Murad’s actual brother. Czar is the younger brother of his father. Czar is Murad’s cousin. This picture shows Rihmeek Williams, who was born on May 13, 2011, and Czar Williams, who is Meek Mill’s other kid. There is happiness and peace in the Murad, Rihmeek, and Fahimah family. The reason for this is that Murad and Rihmeek are very close.

Rihmeek, who is eleven years old, is one of Fahimah’s children. He is good-looking, healthy, polite, smart, and focused on his family. My younger half-brother, Czar, will be one year old on May 6, 2019. His dad is the rapper Meek Mill and his mom is the model Milan Rouge Harris. Little Czar and his dad, Meek Mill, were both born on the same day. They broke up in 2019, three months after Czar was born. However, Meek said, “We still love each other very much, but we understand each other.”

They all said they wanted to stay close friends. Czar, who is three years old, is so cute.

Murad’s looks and daily life

Young, beautiful star Murad Williams has a great personal life and beautiful looks. He does well in his job. Like his dad, he’s very nice and always smiles. His brown eyes shine even brighter when he smiles. His hair is stylish, with styles like buzz cuts and braids. Putting on the newest styles shows off his unique style and creativity.

His family loves him and is there for him in his personal life. He adores time with his parents, and the trips they take together are always fun. Murad talks to his brothers often and loves playing with them. Even though he is young, Murad is still positive.

Everyone around him is happy because of how positive and kind he is. When he has free time, Murad loves to try new things. He likes art, sports, and dance. This young star, Murad Williams, has a kind, giving heart and a good look.

Meek Mill’s son Murad Williams plays sports.

Morad Williams, a high school football star, is Meek Mill’s son. He is a junior and will be done with school in 2025.

This is Murad Campfield’s MaxPreps page. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds. There are 4 touchdowns scored each game by Williams in 2022–2023. He has 3 rushing touchdowns, 1 receiving touchdown, and 3.6 receiving yards per game.

It was great to go to Universal Studios Florida in August 2020. He and his friends rolled dice while they were there. In 2021, Murad went back to Florida and stayed at Universal Orlando.

In October 2019, Williams and his father, Meek, went to the Turks and Caicos Islands. They swam, played basketball, and took it easy on the beach. Their partner, Meek Di Rouge, joined them.

He writes on social media about how much he loves his dad’s performances.

Fahimah often takes trips with her kids and shares pictures of them on social media. In 2020, she took her kids to Jamaica and stayed at the Moon Palace Jamaica and Ocho Rios.

Parents of Murad Williams

Music star Meek Mill’s son is Murad Williams. On May 6, 1987, he was born in South Philadelphia. After beginning as a battle rapper, Meek Mill got together with other rappers to make The BloodHounds. In 2008, Meek got a record deal from T.I.

Fahimah Raheem, Murad’s mother, has an effect on social media. Fahimah Raheem, who was born in 1988, raised her first child, Murad, by herself while going to school and working. In 2011, she and her husband had a child named Rihmeek Williams. In the beginning, she worked while being a single mother. She was able to raise her kids and give them all the care they needed.

Before they got divorced in 2012, Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem were dating in 2006. They had two kids together, Murad and Rihmeek. There are rumours and proof that Meek Mill caused the breakup.

Interests of Murad Williams

Murad Williams is a young, bright star who does well in the music business and also likes many other things in his free time. These are some of Murad’s favourite things to do:

Getting into sports:

Murad really enjoys being busy and playing sports. With his family and friends, he likes to play basketball, soccer and baseball. He likes to win, so he always does his best in every game.

Stepping out:

He loves to dance and has a natural sense of movement. He likes to dance in a lot of different styles, from hip-hop to ballet. He can be himself and let free by dancing.

Making art:

Murad likes to paint because he is creative. He loves to paint and draw whenever he has a white canvas and some paintbrushes. He can explore his artistic side and make beautiful things when he paints.

Looking into nature:

For Murad, being outside and discovering nature is a great thing. His favourite place to be is in nature, whether he’s hiking in the woods or just taking a walk on the beach.

To Read:

Murad is interested in many things and likes to read books. He enjoys reading a lot of different types of books, like fantasy and action stories. Reading is fun for him and helps him learn new things and use his imagination.

These are just a few of Murad’s interests. He’s always willing to try something new. He thinks that hobbies are a great way to unwind, have fun, and find new things you love.

Williams has more than one Instagram account.

Seven thousand people follow Murad on Instagram, and he has posted eight times there. The bio says that @muradc3_ is “The Villain.” Williams’s page says that he wears number 3 and plays for CHS.

Every picture on his Instagram is of him playing football. Williams shared his first picture online on September 18, 2021. It showed him running with a football. He is up against another high school for Cherokee High School in recent posts.

There is also a private Instagram account called @yung.za1. It says in its bio that it has 147 fans and 2 pages. Murad keeps a VSCO account and shares pictures on it.

How much money Murad Williams has

Even though he is young, Murad Williams is becoming well-known in the singing world. Because of his skills and drive, he’s on track to succeed. Success easily leads to money. The artist Murad is still fairly new to the business, but his net worth is thought to be more than $1 million.

As he gets better at his job and makes a name for himself in the field, his net worth is likely to rise. Murad doesn’t care about money most of all. His music work is driven by his desire to write songs that speak to people of his generation. His passion and skill make him stand out, even though he has a lot of money. Murad Williams has a bright future, so he will do well in his field.

A Few Facts You May Not Know

  • Murad Williams is a big fan of comics, especially Spider-Man. With his friends, he often plays make-believe in his favourite comic book hero outfit.
  • Even though he is young, Murad has been to many places. He likes to try new things and learn about other countries.
  • Murad loves animals and has always wanted a pet. He often goes to animal shelters because he loves dogs and cats.
  • Murad can dance and play the piano very well. There are dance classes for him and videos for him to share on social media.
  • Murad loves clothes and putting them together on his own time. He and his mother, Milan Harris, often create clothes together.
  • He likes to read and get lost in a good book. His favourite type of book is fantasy, and he likes reading about magical places.
  • For Murad, spending time with his grandparents is very important. A lot of the time, they give him gifts and take him on fun trips.
  • Murad is naturally good at performing, and he loves making his family laugh. He can sing, dance, and tell jokes to make people laugh.
  • Murad really cares about helping others and giving back to the community. He’s taken part in a lot of charity events because he loves helping other people.
  • Some of Murad’s favourite things to bake with his mum are cookies and cupcakes. He likes putting things together and decorating baked goods with frostings and sprinkles.


Q: How old is Murad Williams again?

Born on March 15, 2007 Williams is 15 years old today.

Q: How do Murad Williams and Czar know each other?

Half-brother of the Czar, Murad Williams. The cousin of Murad Williams is Czar. The two people who had Czar were Meek Mill and Milan Rouge Harris.

Q: Who is Murad Williams dating right now?

Because Murad stays alone, no one knows about his love life.

In conclusion

Last but not least, Murad Williams is a singing star on the rise. Besides being as famous as his father, he has shown that he has his own unique skills and loves music. Even though he is young, Murad wants to make music for his age.

Many people love him because of his cute smile, stylish personality, and clear ability. Murad is most interested in music and making positive changes. Murad Williams will do great things in the future, and we can’t wait to see it. Keep an eye on this young talent that will inspire you