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Is it finally at that time when you have decided to replace the old flooring in your home!? Have you decided which flooring material you will be using this time!? If not then before you make up your mind, be sure you are selecting a material that will be practical and cost-efficient.

The market is filled with so many options which are why often people with themselves at crossroads and end up making a decision they later regret. Changing the floor in your home is a huge investment which is why you should choose a flooring material that will last for at least a decade or two!

So what’s trending these days!?

Well, in recent years, people have started choosing honed or polished concrete as the flooring material for their homes. Yes, you are right! Polished concrete is used in driveways and on the floors of commercial properties. But did you know why!? Well, in the opinion of leading companies associated with offering their expertise in honed concrete in Perth, polished concrete flooring is more:

  • Practical
  • Easy on your wallet
  • Easy to customise
  • Easy to maintain
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Aesthetically appealing.

This was enough to impress homeowners globally and make them finally open up to the idea of using polished concrete as the flooring material in their homes. This is the reason why polished concrete Perth companies are able to expand their business and help people who want to replace their home’s old flooring.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other benefits that make polished concrete floors the best for your home. Some of them are as follows:

Honed or polished concrete floors last decades

Polished or honed and properly installed concrete flooring will last for decades on end even if they are installed in kitchens, living rooms and areas in a home where foot traffic is really heavy.

Polished concrete flooring is not vulnerable at all and its surfaces won’t suffer damage even if you accidentally drop something heavy like a dumbbell, on it!

They are ideal for those who want to stay within their budget

Polished or honed concrete flooring, as mentioned earlier, is resilient and immune to foot traffic damage, damage caused by an accidental drop of heavy items and the likes. This means that you wouldn’t need to replace them every few years.

The result is simple to understand by now – these are cost-efficient since maintenance or replacement costs are low.

Polished concrete floors are environment-friendly

Compared to other flooring options readily available out there in the market, polished or honed flooring needs very few raw materials during the flooring process.

Only two materials are used on the concrete surface to make it suitable for regular use – stain-resistant treatments and water-based hardeners. This limits the amount of carbon footprint your house leaves during floor repair or replacements thus making it a greener flooring option.

We are concluding this blog post with yet another benefit of honed or polished concrete flooring that will obviously appeal to you. Did you know that polished concrete flooring is one of the best hypoallergenic flooring options at present!? A polished concrete floor will not retain dust or dander and will also keep mould or fungus at bay. The result will be clean ambient air in your home minus respiratory illnesses.

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