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How many things are lying around your house which you don’t actually use or need? We are sure that you can think of quite a few such things. If one of these things is an old car which is not being used and you are thinking of getting rid of your old car, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out why donating your car is a good option.

Benefits of Donating Your Car

  • Save money!

Not only will you create more space by donating your unwanted car, but you will also save money! Yes, saving money! When you opt to donate your car to a charity, you can claim a tax deduction. You will end up paying less tax as the taxable income is lowered due to a tax deduction. However, make sure to complete all the paperwork required to claim a tax deduction. Who doesn’t like to save their hard earned money?

  • Avoid the hassle

Most people think of selling as an option when they think of getting rid of an old car. But just to warn you finding someone to buy your car can be a pretty big task. Firstly getting a good deal is very uncommon in today’s market. This can be time-consuming and might lead to dead ends. Secondly, you will have to repair and make sure the car is in a working condition before you can put it up for selling for which you might end up spending more money. Finally, all the constant inquiries and coordination with potential buyers can be a big headache! So we suggest thinking about donating instead of going through all this hassle.

  • Social cause

By donating your car not only will you be helping yourself create more space and get rid of something unwanted, but you will also be helping provide people with employment. Through these donation programs, charities are able to generate funds which help people get back on track in their life which gives them a second chance. This truly is one great reason you should opt for donating your car instead of simply letting it rot and take up space in your home.

If you are ready and are asking yourself the question ‘How do I donate my car– there are various charities that take old cars. And guess what? Your car does not even need to be in a working condition. The process is extremely easy and many charities also provide pick up services for your car. You will need to provide proper paperwork for your car before the organization can accept your car.

If you are looking to save your money time and at the same time give back to your community, you can now do so by getting rid of that old car which has been taking up a lot of space in your home. Imagine what all you could do with all that free space! Happy donating!

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