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With a large number of bathtubs available in the market, it can become difficult to make the right choice. There are different types and sizes of bathtubs that meet different user requirements. If you are buying a bathtub for elderly, you need to consider ease of use and convenience over everything else. The freestanding tub is a type of bathtub which is installed with a shower. It stands on its own and is also known as a standalone tub. It has finished sides that need not be connected to any wall. However, the tubs occupy a lot of space inside the bathroom. Every individual tends to wonder if the freestanding tubs are comfortable when it comes to use and maintenance.

Understanding freestanding tubs


Basically, freestanding tubs are like a piece of furniture inside the bathroom. It makes the bathroom feel luxurious and adds an aesthetic appeal. Available in a variety of material, sizes, and types, freestanding tubs can be highly comfortable. There is a myth that the tubs are very expensive, in reality, they are easily affordable. But you need to consider ease of use and comfort before making a buying decision. If you have questioned the storekeeper, are freestanding tubs comfortable, here is your answer.

Are they comfortable?


First of all, it totally depends on the type of freestanding tub you are talking about. If you are talking about a high-end model where there is plenty of space, the tub is indeed comfortable. There are tubs wherein you can recline and enjoy a book. However, there are many tubs which do not have enough shelf space. If could decrease your level of comfort if you are in the mood to relax with light candles or food by your side. You can install the tub chose to the shelves where you store items. As far as the bottom is concerned, most tubs are very soft.

You need to consider the purpose you are buying a freestanding tub for. The tubs are comfortable but they are not ideal for everyone. The tub is best suited for elderly who can simply walk-in and do not have to step over and get into the tub. Further, the tub is not for those who are looking for therapy or massage. There are specific tubs which meet the therapy requirements of individuals. Freestanding tubs are not uncomfortable, they are convenient to use but it totally depends on the purpose of purchase. If you want a tub that can be used to bathe kids and pets, you should opt for a general purpose bathtub. If your sole purpose of buying a bathtub is for therapy and relaxation, you should opt for a whirlpool tub. Consider your requirements and the availability of space inside the bathroom when making a decision. Freestanding tubs are easiest to install inside the bathroom and are also very easy to maintain. Consider the sizes and cost of the tubs available in the market and make the right choice.

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