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What do you look for in a toilet or commode before choosing one for your home or office bathroom?

Do you think it is enough to look for a stylish model that goes well with your bathroom interiors? We are really sorry to say that you are wrong if you answered yes. There are some other things to be considered before buying a toilet for your bathroom.

The size – The first thing you need to see in a toilet is its size. If your bathroom is small, you cannot get a big commode and make it more congested. If you own a large bathroom then a small one will look out of the place. So, take the measurement of your bathroom and decide what size of toilet seat will seem fit in the place. Generally speaking, the elongated style bowl takes more space and looks great in the big bathroom. If you have a small bathroom you will need to install the rounded bowl commode. The elongated one is considered more comfortable while the round one is comparatively cheaper. You can also find some stylish toilet shaped in a rectangle. Before choosing any, look for the perfect length and width of the toilet that will fit best in your bathroom.

The style – You can find some options in the toilet style too. The most common one is the two-piece toilet. The water tank in the two-piece toilet bolts on the top of the commode bowl. This style is also the most affordable option. If you are ready to stretch your budget a little more you can get a one-piece toilet which comes with a tank. As they have no seam, they are easier to clean and maintain. The third option can be the wall mounted toilet. You don’t find any difficulty cleaning them but the installation is way tough. This type of toilet requires you to have a thicker wall to mount the tank and the toilet. And, you may require opening up your wall for any future repair.

The flush technology – Once you have decided the outer structure make sure to check the flush technology of your chosen models. The most elegant and expensive toilet would be a complete shit (literally) without a good flush technology. You can read reviews of different toilets on this link helpfulhabitat.com/best-toilet-reviews/ to know about the flush technologies of different toilets. You can also go to a local store and talk to the salesperson. You’ll typically get the honest review because the salesperson knows you can return back and hold him accountable for any loss you suffer.

Everything that forms part of your sweet home is very important, so, choose each of them with love and care. We accept it publicly or not… toilet is among the most important fixtures in a home or an office. So, think from every point of view before choosing the one for you.

Hope you found this article helpful in making a decision about the toilet you would install in your bathroom.

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