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When looking to update the exterior of your home, adding a wrought iron door to your entryway is a great way to add a sophisticated, polished look that can be as modern, rustic or traditional as you choose. Not only do wrought iron doors add aesthetically to your home, but there are multiple additional benefits to consider.


Wrought iron doors are significantly more solid than traditional wood or fibreglass doors. Unlike doors made of weaker materials, a wrought iron door cannot be kicked in or easily breached by a burglar. Additionally, wrought iron doors can be customized to accommodate the locking system or mechanism of your choice.

Low Maintenance

Wrought iron entry doors are weather-resistant and forged to last a lifetime. Wrought iron is a pure form of iron that is resistant to fading and rust or corrosion. Maintenance of wrought iron doors takes very little effort.

To prevent any deterioration, occasionally inspect the doors for any chips in the paint which expose the metal. If a chip is found, cover it will rust-proof paint.

Added Value

Adding a custom door to your home should be considered an investment. Because wrought iron doors denote elegance and distinction, it is no surprise upgrading to a wrought iron door adds to your home’s value.

Potential buyers will not only appreciate the look of the door but they can also rest assured the door will not need replacing any time soon.

Easy Installation

At first glance, you may assume a wrought iron door requires a team to install. While the doors do have substantial weight, installation can be easier than you think.

To install a wrought iron door, just bolt the doorjamb directly to the framing of your home and then lift the door and secure to the hinges. Alternatively, you could hire a contractor for a reasonable fee.


Because wrought iron summons up thoughts of elegance and grandeur, many people assume purchasing a wrought iron door is too cost-prohibitive. A wrought iron door can be similar in cost to a high-end wooden door.

When considering all the costs over time and the potential return on your investment, ultimately wrought iron wins out as the better investment.

How to Choose the Right Door for You

Once you’ve decided to go with a wrought iron door, how do you know which is right for you? Start by considering what size you want, taking into account whether or not you will have to alter your home’s door framing (vertically, horizontally, or both).

Once you have decided on the size of the door, you will want to choose whether to go with a door that has been prefabricated or if you want to invest in a custom piece. Prefabricated doors are ready to be hung and are likely more universally appealing in design.

Custom wrought iron doors will require time to be designed and fabricated, but the design options are essentially limitless. Because wrought iron is easily shaped, a wrought iron craftsman can manipulate the metal to match your design. The sky’s the limit!

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