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When you want to improve the exterior of your house, one of the most effective things that you can do is to have paving stones laid at various points around your property.

You can choose different styles of paving stones. These different styles will give different parts of your property their own distinctive style.

Where can you have paving stones outside your house?

The Driveway

The driveway is the first place that you should consider for a makeover with paving stones. The paving in Newcastle needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of a car. Make sure that you choose a style which is going to fit in with the rest of the house.

The Garden Walkway

Walking to your garden can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you are walking on a covered walkway and you are walking on quality paving stones. There are lots different styles that you can choose from, so take some time when you are making this decision.

The Patio

The patio is an area of the garden where you can sit and relax. You will be able to have food and drink when you are on the patio. An awning can cover you when you are sitting on the patio. The paving stones should fit in with the style of the rest of the garden.

The Balcony

You can have paving stones put on a balcony outside of your bedroom. This will allow you to sit out and enjoy the view.

What Should You Consider When You Buy Paving Stones

There are several things that you need to consider when you are buying some paving stones.

Style – Paving stones are not merely functional because they can make the outside of your house look extremely stylish. Compare and contrast different styles until you find one that you are completely comfortable with. You might decide to have a different style in a few years.

Paving stones are extremely easy to remove so you will be able to have them changed without any difficulty at all.

Strength – Paving stones need to have a large amount of strength so that they can resist the weight that is put on top. Some paving stones need to take the weight of a car without cracking or becoming dented. Other paving stones will need to take the weight of deck chairs, tables and a barbeque.

You can ask about the strength of different paving stones when you are inspecting them before purchase.

Water Resistance – Paving stones are exposed to a lot of rain, so they need to be resistant to water. The rain will slide off the paving stones rather than soaking right through and cause them to become damaged.


  • Paving stones are versatile enough to be laid at various locations around your house.
  • Paving stones need to be stylish.
  • Paving stones need to be strong.
  • Paving stones need to be resistant to water.

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