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Gates function by marking the entrance to your home and they also keep out uninvited guests whenever you are away. These can be ornate, complex, and elegant or simple and straightforward and there are many materials from which to choose. This is exactly why you must choose the right material as there are few that can be fabricated to match nearly any type of design or taste, especially with a property addition that is seen by neighbours every single day.

Rust Resistance

Wrought iron is significantly more rust-resistant than traditional iron due to the fact it is an alloy of iron and a material known as slag. Fibrous in nature, slag is the key ingredient responsible for keeping rust away from your wrought iron and ensuring its beauty for many years to come. This way, you never need to worry about your beautiful design deteriorating due to the natural elements of the weather and you will enjoy minimal need for maintenance throughout the years that you utilise the gate on your property.

Easy Restoration

If you purchase a wrought iron gate and notice that it is appearing tired after many years of use, there is no need to replace it except in the direst of circumstances. This is because you can simply set up your own painting station and give the gate a fresh new coat of paint to protect it for several more years. If you do a careful painting job on the gate, you can expect it to last for as many as 10 years without the need for new paint or repairs.


When you are visiting rsengineering.co.uk for material and design choices, one thing to remember is the sheer durability and long lifespan of wrought iron. This is far more durable compared to vinyl, wood, or aluminium and it is a material tough enough to resist a strong impact without significant damage. Although you are likely to be quite careful around your wrought iron gate, not everyone will be. You want your gate to be strong enough to stand up to the occasional strike from an impatient driver.


By nature, wrought iron is the best material to boost security for a property and you can even have the top of the fence decorated with sharpened points to discourage scaling of the structure. This gate alone could deter many types of unwanted guests and, as mentioned, it can withstand even the strike of a vehicle without giving in and allowing a person inside without invitation. The last thing you need is for your children, pets, or any other guests to have direct access to the road during heavy traffic and you certainly do not want that traffic finding its way into the lawn.


It could be that you own a home with a specific name, such as a manor named for your family, and you can have certain words and other images placed right into the design of the gate. Wrought iron is unique in that it is completely customisable and you should consider this a great bonus whenever you are looking to improve your property value.

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