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It is every homeowner’s dream to have a kitchen where they love to cook and hang out. However, finding a remodeling company that can help turn your dream into reality with high-quality workmanship at affordable pricing—is the real challenge. To keep the project within your budget and to ensure that you get the best service possible, here are five key questions you must ask your kitchen contractor.

Can I have an itemized quote?

Request for an itemized bid that lists how the total remodeling cost has been allocated to various jobs. This will help you have a clearer picture of what you’re paying for and will give you greater control over the project. A lump-sum figure may sound convenient, but it won’t give you an insight into the various components the vendor used to arrive at the figure.

Are there any hidden or unexpected charges and fees that I need to know about?

The one essential thing your kitchen contractor must do is to be upfront about all costs and not burden you with charges and fees that were too “fine-print” for you to notice at the beginning of the project.

Ask the contractor to reveal all potential costs at the start itself to avoid unpleasant surprises. These additional expenses could be toward demolition, debris removal, paint work, and so forth.

How long will you take to remodel my kitchen, from start to finish?

A seasoned contractor knows the importance of adhering to schedules and completing projects on time. Delayed home improvement projects cause tremendous inconvenience to the occupants of the house—more so to children and older adults.

Ask for a detailed project turnaround time and check if the contractor offers compensation or incentives for project delays. If there is a legitimate reason for your kitchen remodel to be stretched beyond the deadline, the remodeling company must explain the same well in advance.

Indeed, a great home remodeling phoenix experience is one that combines cost-efficiency, timeliness, stringent quality control, and safety and security for your family through the various phases of the project. That is why the following two queries are as important as the usual questions about design, budget and timelines.

Are your remodeling services covered by warranty?

Many established home remodeling companies offer warranties as an additional incentive to gain customer loyalty. We recommend that you choose a licensed contractor that offers warranty to help safeguard your kitchen against substandard work.

Can I know the profile and number of workers who will be working on my kitchen?

On an average you’ll have about three workers remodeling your kitchen. This number may go up during the project depending on the extent of work left. It’s extremely important that the contracting company introduces you to the remodeling team beforehand and offers assurance about employing only background-verified and well-trained professionals.

Additionally, it will help to introduce the team to your family and instruct them to be careful about the safety of your family members, particularly children and pets.

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