December 16, 2020 Eliza Arcudia 0Comment

For decades timbers are being used for construction projects. Whether it’s a project of roof, floors or lintel, timber is a common name. Now everything can’t last lifetime right? As your clothes get old with time just like that the timber your house has gets damaged and old. So what to do in such a case? You can’t let your timber remain damaged right? In that case a team of timber repairs need to be appointed to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Now there are so many agencies providing repairing and installing service for timber. But the question is that are all they worth of your hard earned money? No, absolutely not. This article helps you to find the most reliable team of repairs. There are some important things to know before you hand over the repairing responsibility, such as

Policy of warranty- A professional agency will always give you the assurance of warranty. Any construction work like repairing a timber or installing a floor should have some warranty period. As such services are expensive so what will you do if you again find any damage after repairing? Don’t get scared this is just an example to make you aware. Before handling the work you should know about the warranty policy in detail.

Years of experience- people get better at work like repairing with time. Yes, time is the best teacher. So counting the years of experience should be on your to-do list. No matter if the agency is referred by your closest friend or relative, always know about the experiences they are carrying.

How much they charge- Before you sign any deal or give them the work contract, know their expected price. You must have assumed a budget in your mind. Match their submitted quotation with your listed budget. Also do a bit research about what other companies are charging for the same work. Not everyone is aware about the price of everything and that’s absolutely fine. But having an idea about the expense should be your job while deciding to offer the job to any service provider.

How much time they will take- you must have estimated a time period for repairing to be completed and have planned your schedules according to that. Now it’s time to see whether the estimated time is matching with their demanded time. The better way is to know their availability and assumed time of work earlier so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. 

The above listed things you must know before you hand over such huge job responsibility to any service provider. Also, don’t forget to check their online reputation.